The writers sharing these pages believe that in order to write life, you need to live it. We think companionship makes the adventure more grand and the journey more enjoyable, so we’ve come together to blog about all the things we love – including writing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of books you read, we’ve got something for you. We write mystery and romance and young adult novels. We write poetry, short-fiction and non-fiction, too. Horror, thrillers, steampunk, paranormal, science fiction, urban fantasy – whatever you like, you’ll likely find it here. Many of us write in more than one genre and more than one medium; for us it’s about the love of words, about telling our stories however they need to be told.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not so much a reader, because this is an interesting group of writers living interesting lives. You might want to read along just to find out what we’re doing, where we’re going, what we’re eating, drinking, reading and thinking about. You might find us painting or driving across the country or teaching kung fu; raising gardens, raising families or raising hell in one way or another. You might catch us at an art gallery or museum, a concert, a Ren Faire or a car show.

Each of us has a life outside of our writing obsession. Each of us is fascinated by the world around us, the people we meet or read about or imagine, this beautiful planet we inhabit and the art, history and music we encounter every single day.

We started this blog so we could talk about both things and maybe, sometimes, make a connection between the two. Because artists can’t and don’t live in isolation from the world. The image of the starving artist in a garret is rarely true and, for us, it never is. Our lives infuse and enlighten our writing. Our travels and studies broaden it. Our families warm it. Our friends support it and us, picking us up when we’ve fallen, kicking us in the butt when we need it.

We’re here to celebrate life and writing. To share part of our journey with each other, and with you. So, welcome. Make yourself at home.