Introducing Kate Austin

Black Ink, White Paper is a blog that will be as much about life as it is about writing. We started this blog because we believed that it’s an unusual writer who lives in a garrett and pens the greatest of great novels. Most writers – at least most writers I know – live interesting, exciting, fulfilling and full lives. And this makes them better writers and better people.

So my interesting, exciting, fulfilling and full life goes something like this.

I live right in Vancouver – right downtown. It’s a great city to live and work and play in though it is a bit far from New York and Toronto and Europe. But I live right on the water and spend a lot of my time walking the beach. I’m five minutes away from theaters and galleries and shops, restaurants, bars and people galore.

I work part time as a paralegal and I admit that I love going to the office. I love getting dressed up and I love talking to people about things other than writing. I work for three different small law offices in Vancouver and that means that my schedule changes almost every week. In some ways that’s terrific because I’m easily bored. In other ways that’s not so terrific because I have no routine in which to fit my writing.

I travel a lot – weekends in Seattle or San Francisco or Edmonton or Harrison Hot Springs or the Sunshine Coast, weeks in California or on the Oregon Coast or New York. I love cities, big cities, and if I could afford it, I’d probably live in a bigger city than Vancouver – New York or San Francisco or Paris are at the top of my list right now. I’m a movie addict and I read a book a day (more accurately, I read 350-400 books a year – some days 3 or 4 books, some weeks only 2 or 3). I’m also a shopping addict – I love to shop. I’m an art fiend and have worked in the art business on and off for 30 years. Sometimes my vacation trips are trips to satisfy my art craving. New York often, Europe regularly, Seattle and San Francisco as needed. And good food and wine? Definitely at the top of my list.

Writing? I love it and I’d do it no matter what happened with my writing career – which is a good thing because writing (like all of the arts) isn’t a guaranteed income. I write women’s fiction as Kate Austin and erotica as Josée Renard. I also write poetry and a little non-fiction for magazines (though I’ve written a whole lot of non-fiction in the past). I’ve written the beginning of an opera libretto, an unproduced (and it will definitely stay that way) play, and I’ve been teaching writing for almost 20 years. My love of writing probably grew out of my addiction to reading though it wasn’t until I was almost 30 before I started writing more than the usual teenager angst poetry. I’ve published 8 books with Harlequin’s Next – a women’s fiction imprint. As Josée (and earlier as Kate), I’ve published 11 pieces of erotica with the e-publisher Cobblestone Press. My very first piece of erotica (written as Kate) – Dreamer – just came out in print in Naughty Bits 3, by Spice.

Thanks for joining us – I think you’ll love the people here and the variety of interests you’ll encounter.



4 responses to “Introducing Kate Austin

  1. Yay Kate!

    Thanks so much for the invite here, I’m really looking forward to it!


  2. *waves*

    Easily bored and struggling with setting a routine..sounds very familiar. lol

  3. Hey Katy – we’re so glad you’re with us. And Annette – bored and routines are two words that go together in my book.


  4. Kate!

    So glad to ‘see’ you again!

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