Introduction – Being Lisa DiDio

Hello, I’m Lisa, and this is the view from where I sit. The furniture has changed since the photo was taken a couple of years ago, and that pretty wooden bench has been replaced by a seriously cushy set of wicker chairs with foot stools. I work hard and I play hard, too, so I figure I deserve my creature comforts, chief amongst them being a cup of excellent tea or a glass of good wine in one of those chairs at the end of a long day.

I live in Northern California, where I can take advantage of my garden three-fourths of the year. I love that, because with my husband’s 60+ hour work weeks and my sons’ busy schedules, getting away isn’t always possible – at least on a large scale. But a few minutes of recharge, peace and quiet does wonders and helps my quiet my busy head.

Writing isn’t something I choose to do. It’s a constant in my life, like breathing or drinking water. That sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. I wrote and illustrated my own short stories throughout grade school, dabbled in songwriting during middle school. (Thankfully, my friends and family loved me enough to be kind, because Joni Mitchell I’m not!) In high school, I became enamored of Shakespeare, which led to copious sonnets and finally – in my senior year – the co-authoring of a play that my friends and I produced and performed. It wasn’t Tony worthy, but it struck a chord with our peers and we filled the theatre to capacity for all four performances and the two encores.

After graduating, I went off to San Francisco State University, where I majored in film with an emphasis on screenwriting and took some playwriting classes on the side. I won an award for one of my shorts, and was looking into the graduate program in creative writing at the University of Washington when life pulled me in a different direction.

Somehow – imagine this – I fell in love with a boy from my small hometown when I came home for the summer. I had never met Greg before because he was four years behind me in school, but we both ended up working at the same restaurant. (Fate? Kismet? A happy accident? You decide.) He was still an undergrad at Sacramento State, and I ended up sticking around. Twenty years later, I’m still here – and so is he. We’re raising two boys and an organic garden together and sneaking off to San Francisco whenever we can to visit museums, eat great food and give our sons a taste of the urban experience. We spend a lot of time in Santa Cruz, too, hanging on the beach and watching the boys surf, and if money fell from the sky, we’d happily relocate to either place or at least score a wee weekend getaway shack.

I still write, of course, though now it’s mostly novels with the occasional screenplay thrown in. I’ve published two fantasy novels and have a couple of scripts on option. I’ve written numerous articles and some poetry for women’s and/or earth-based spirituality magazines. I’m currently writing YA, and the why of that will be addressed in an upcoming post. I write poetry to amuse myself, generally fill an entire journal every single year, and blog fairly regularly on LiveJournal.

But writing isn’t my only passion. I’m a music junkie – there’s something from every genre in my collection, with the exception of disco *shudder* – and I adore art. If I could paint, I totally would. I did throw my first cup and bowl on a wheel recently, and a new obsession was born. I get to do it again next week, and I can’t wait to get my hands in the clay. It makes sense that pottery would call to me, because I enjoy getting my hands dirty. Gardening is a natural extension of my spirit and a love learned from my mother, and I’m also an herbalist. My husband and I are foodies and we love to cook, especially together. Thanks to my sons, I’m a walking encyclopedia of weird facts about Star Wars, Halo video games, Captain Underpants and the best ways to kill a zombie. I look forward to sharing all of this with you and more…

(Wait. Why are you running away??)


11 responses to “Introduction – Being Lisa DiDio

  1. I miss your garden! *wails*

  2. I am so jealous of your garden.

  3. Great post, Lisa!

    As you know, no running for me. I’ll send you Fluff and Puff for that. :}

  4. Very true, Lisa. Plus Fluff and Puff love hanging out with you.

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