Writer, Kung Fu Panda – Introducing K.B. Wagers


Ink rules my world. From black to white to every color under the sun.

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen, and getting written on since I was 22. At the moment I’ve got 11 tattoos, each one more special than the last and all of them holding some specific purpose either as a reminder of a turning point in my past or a destination in my future. They are spiritual. They are my writing. They are a statement to the world.

Likewise with my stories. I started out with a retelling of Romeo and Juliet at the age of five, then moved on to plays in school about alien teachers. I wrote awful fanfiction about the TMNT and finally started my own original works in high school. That epic Earth-Invasion trilogy was pretty horrible, but it did teach me a valuable lesson about finishing books and to date I’ve repeated that accomplishment 12 times. I figured out last year that put me in the neighborhood of 1.3 million words written, not counting fanfiction, my childhood stuff, blogging, or other writing pursuits. *grins*

I grew up on a farm in rural Colorado. Lived in the same house my parents moved to just a few days after I was born until I moved out for college. From that point on, I wandered, but never far from home. *laughs* I moved 11 times in the space of about five years … all within just a 100-mile radius or so. Until I met my future husband and picked up and moved 1,600 miles away from everything I’d ever known.

For a year and a half I lived in the South. Getting to see first-hand the results of slavery, losing a war, and how living without hope for the future can affect people’s choices. I got to weather hurricane Ivan all on my own in a house that was built around the beginning of the 1900s. Then the news came that we were moving home to Colorado, for which I am grateful because I’m a Western girl at heart. Now we live under the shadow of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. At the moment life is all about transition as he makes his way out of the military and back into civilian life, we prepare for a major house buying expedition/move, and I go back to juggling a day job along with my writing job.

In the midst of it all I’ve got a 35th birthday coming up, a new kung fu adventure with a few friends, training for a Tough Mudder event in June, and starting the second book in a sci/fi thriller series about a gunrunner turned empress.

My critique partners like to say I have more ideas than I know what to do with. *grins* And it’s true: my stories thus far have wandered from alien invasions to high fantasy to science fiction to urban fantasy and back again. Throw in a few zombies, some Chinese gods, a band of half-demon rockstars, and you’ve got a party! I like it, it keeps me (and everyone else) guessing.

I love my life. Even more, I love Life. I’m not interested in hearing the words: can’t, shouldn’t, won’t, not possible, or too hard. I don’t care about your hate, or your surrender. I want to hear about your battles, your dreams, your passions, your drives and all the plans you have to make them real. I want to hear your scream of triumph and see your proud, exhausted grin. We have this all-too-brief flash of existence and it seems a shame to waste it listening to the nay-sayers and doubters who find some perverse pleasure in holding everyone else down in the darkness with them. So in the immortal words of the little green guy – “No! Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

I blog infrequently as wandereringray at LiveJournal, Tweet even more infrequently as kbwagers (though I am getting better about this!), and waste more time on Facebook than I probably should. πŸ˜€ Now I’m looking forward to sharing some of my wacky writing ideas and even wackier life stories here at Black Ink, White Paper.

K.B. Wagers

(photo by Cory Coverdell)

11 responses to “Writer, Kung Fu Panda – Introducing K.B. Wagers

  1. Party with your characters? Okay, but I’ll be wearing a bullet-proof vest. =D

    Love the picture. Did that hickey leave a scar?

    • Give some of the folks who’d be there a bulletproof vest is probably a good idea, Lisa!

      *ponders* Actually my friend Nat and I wrote a story once with all our characters to date in it. It was wild. I’m not sure if I still have a copy…

  2. Raymond Bolton

    Don’t you ever tire of being so sedate and mainstream KB? You should really try to break out of the mold every now and then. You know, live a little.

  3. Jar O' Marbles

    I want to be the bartender at that party. lol

  4. LOL on the pic!! Makes me miss seeing you in person. (Is there a dead body in the closet?)

    And you’re right. You have an incredible plethora of ideas and the work ethic to get them done.

    ❀ YOU

  5. Hi!

    Can I have pie with my repercussion? πŸ™‚

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