Welcome to Poetry Fridays!

Every second Friday we’re going to treat you to some poetry. It might be poetry one of us has written, it might be one of our favorite pieces of poetry, it might be…

A poetry free for all.

It’s April Fool’s day and we thought we’d celebrate the day with limericks – we’re writing them and posting them in the comments section and we’d love it if you’d join us. Write a limerick, send us your favorite (G-rated, of course) –

Have fun.

Oh, and thanks to Annette at jaromarbles.com for the absolutely gorgeous photograph.



28 responses to “Welcome to Poetry Fridays!

  1. Raymond Bolton

    There once was a blog made for writers
    Staffed by wags and by wenches and blighters.
    Writing posts for this caper,
    Called Black Ink and White Paper,
    Kept all of them pulling all-nighters.

  2. I was never too good at making up Limericks, but being Scots Irish, and one who enjoyed good ale and stout, not to mention the wee dram of whiskey now and then, I learned one hell of a lot of them. The following are some of my favorites.

    There once was a lady from Nod
    Who dreamt babies came from God.
    But it wasn’t the Almighty
    That lifted her nighty.
    It was Roger the Lodger
    By God.

    Once while in St Claire
    I seduced a young maid on the stair.
    The railing broke
    So, I doubled me stroke
    And I finished her off
    In mid-air!
    (tasteless? Perhaps. But I didn’t use one off-color word)


  3. Wally, I love these limericks – and Raymond? Not talking to you…

    Okay, I’m embarrassed by it but I wrote it in five minutes when I challenged Raymond to write a limerick – the trouble, of course, is that he did it much much much better than I –

    There once was a day made for fools
    who travelled the world on their mules
    They laughed and they danced
    And fought hard for France
    Those foolish lords of misrule.


  4. Here’s mine:

    There once was a writer named Deb
    Whose fame sped like fire on the Web
    Alas, she discovered
    The truth was uncovered
    They all meant to type the word “bed”


  5. You guys are hilarious! Wally, I just laughed out loud in my cubicle. Okay, here goes:

    There once was a girl named Peaches,
    Who loved bikinis and beaches.
    One warm sunny day
    A shark came to play
    And left her bikini in pieces.

  6. Ann, love it. And I’ve got that image in my head forever – along, of course, with the itsy bitsy teeny weeny song. Thanks for nuttin!


  7. All right people…

    There once was a writerly chick
    Who thought gardening was quite a kick
    (I know where you’re going –
    your dirty mind’s showing)
    But Kate’s G-rated ruling must stick!


    • G-rated limericks? Hmmmm, what’s wrong with this picture? Life, sure as Hell, isn’t G-rated. At least mine wasn’t! But we won’t go into that here. Some other time maybe. Well, done Lisa! I wish I could make up things like that… maybe more scotch is needed…


      • More scotch never hurts…until it does.

        I hope that other time comes in August at PNWA!

        Lisa, whose life hasn’t been exactly G rated either. (Thank goodness!)

      • raymondbolton

        If there’s one thing I’ve certainly hated,
        It was being considered G-rated
        By the women I dated,
        Debated or mated,
        So I made sure my rep was inflated.

    • Har. I liked the other one, too. (Chicken.)

  8. The Smiths, of 212 Willow Lane,
    Thought their mortgage a terrible strain;
    They defaulted and then
    Moved next door to 210,
    Where they rent, and are solvent a-gain.

  9. LOL! These were all fun. Great job to all who played along. You guys gave me some smiles and laughs today. Thanks!


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