It’s all in who you know.

Welcome, Annette, owner and operator of Jar O’Marbles, and our very first guest blogger. The lovely black and white photos that grace our blog are hers, and the design of this blog is also hers. She’s a genius at this kind of stuff and her job – as a virtual assistant – takes helping us to a whole new level. Thanks for blogging with us, Annette.

And I know a lot of authors, artists and creative folk. I admire their artistic abilities, I admire the intricacies of how their minds work. And sometimes I marvel how they get out their door with pants on! So many of them tend to be unorganized with everything outside of their creativity. While I am a photographer, I don’t really consider myself to be in that realm of artistry. I am however a master at organizing just about anything.

It comes from a lifetime spent traveling the world, and having near panic attacks when my unorganized parents tried to get their three children with two suitcases a piece plus carry-on luggage through international airports where they didn’t speak the language. It created in me a very strong desire to be prepared for anything.

I’m a firm believer in turning oddities like that into strengths. And how better than to turn it into a business? I started working on the concept of Jar O’ Marbles a year or two ago. It slowly evolved as I learned more about what my author friends truly needed in an assistant. It was more than organizing. The amount of help they needed was initially a little mind boggling and a little scary. Many had no idea how to turn social media to their advantage, no idea how to create a website or blog. While some just struggled with managing their monthly calendars. They needed someone who was trustworthy that could handle all of this virtually.

Me? I am all about the internet. I’ve made a career out of researching things on the internet. I’ve had blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook, Myspace…you name it, I have probably figured out how it works and how it can work for me.

So it was a no brainer to turn all of this into a business. If I can’t be an author, I might as well do my best to help authors get the most out of the world of the internet and beyond. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun.

I can be found most days on:


8 responses to “It’s all in who you know.

  1. I, for one, and delighted to have assistance getting out the door with my pants on…er, I mean, with all this mind boggling platform building business. =D

    Yet another stunning photo, Annette! It reminds me of Piet Mondrian’s tree series.

  2. Great post, Annette!

  3. Gorgeous photograph, as always, and we’re so happy you’re helping us out.


  4. Raymond Bolton

    Annette, you are so cool! I love your phptos. I love your assistance. If there is EVER anything I can do to help you out, let me know.

    Even though Poetry Friday has passed, I composed this in your honor:

    You, photographer,
    The lens of your eye shows me
    The world of your heart.

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