Riding with Ruby the red race truck

Every once in while my husband and I like to pack a bag, climb into one of vehicles, (Ruby the red race truck was chosen this time) and head out of a little road trip. A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to head down to Portland, Oregon.

Portland is a great little city, easy to get around in with amazing public transportation. We have some favorite things to do there, including visiting the biggest bookstore in the Northwest, maybe the world – “Powell’s City of Books”. We need a lot of time to see the stock at Powells, because there are floors dedicated to different kinds of books. They also house an amazing variety of used books, so you can find something interesting by just “stumbling upon” it.

We’d been told about a terrific German restaurant, and so I put my super-nifty new smart phone to the test and called the restaurant, found out they were open and got a map to lead us right to the door. Gustav’s was just we wanted, a very authentic German restaurant with a fun Bavarian atmosphere. Not to mention huge mugs of beer. Gotta have beer with German food!

There is a great jazz club there called “Jimmy Maks” in Portland, and we always get tickets for a show when we’re going to be in town. Curtis Salgado and his band were playing, and it was a great show.

On Sunday we headed down to a small town south of Portland. Aurora is filled with antique shops, and we browsed a huge selection of cool stuff. I’m looking for items to finish my office, which is being re-done in “Steampunk” style. Didn’t find anything, but half the fun is looking.

We wandered into the Pheasant Run Winery tasting room. The wine is superb, and we chatted with one of the winery owners, Carl. When I told him about some of my author friends doing book events at wineries, he jumped on the idea. So, I hope to be putting together an event with some of my Portland author friends this summer.

Which is just another excuse to head down to Portland and visit again.

Deborah Schneider


5 responses to “Riding with Ruby the red race truck

  1. Oh that sounds fun, Deb! I haven’t yet been to Portland but we’re hoping to do a drive through on the way to PNWA this fall.


  2. I LOVE Portland. One of my very favorite cities. And Powell’s is amazing. Sounds like a great trip!

  3. Raymond Bolton

    Yay for Portland. If we ever relocate (again), Portland is the likely candidate. Great city. The most courteous people. Would you believe that if you put on your blinker to change lanes, they back off and let you in–even in bumper-to-bumper traffic! We’ve had that happen repeatedly. I have dozens of other stories about their world-class courtesy.

    Never been to Aurora, Deb, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s on our radar. Glad you had fun.

  4. Raymond Bolton

    One more thing: Ruby the Red Race Truck sounds like the title of a children’s book. You should give that some thought.

  5. Portland people are very nice, Raymond. If it was a perfect world, I’d have a small organic farm outside of Portland, and spend my winters in Costa Rica with some other really nice folks. That truck is worthy of her own book, I swear my husband loves it more than me, (although he says, “not more, just as much”).

    Lisa, we have so much fun at Powells. Even when I’m not looking for a book, it’s looking for me.

    K.B. – my favorite hotel is Northrup Station. If you stop there on the way up to Seattle, you should spend the night.

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