Poetry Friday

Once again, it’s Poetry Friday. Today we’re delighted to have Annette Beecher as our Friday poet. You might know her as Jar O’Marbles…
I see Joy..
.. in the rising of the sun,
the embers that start to glow,
releasing the dark shadows of the night.I see Joy..

.. in the tail that wags the dog.
the cold nose and wet tongue,
greetings at the front door each day.

I see Joy..

.. in the sweet refrains of Mozart,
genius in every note and melody.
played on the worn ivory keys of yesterday.

I see Joy..

.. in the turning of pages,
ink on her fingers, paper and dreams.
by the story-telling of those who came before.

I see Joy..
.. and would share it with you.

~ Annette B.

This is me.

It’s fragile,
and sometimes,
shattered and broken.
Sunlight shines,
onto the prism of my soul.
Highlighting to the flaws,
as I walk on.This is me.
Lonely, and loved.
Treasured, and discarded.
Open, and shackled.I’ve stepped through the mirage,
to find the hidden oasis.
Sheltered from within,
Dreams are dreamt again.

This is me.

Water flows across my feet,
I’ve stood here too long,
and watched the sun rise and set.
It’s setting on me again,
As the water continues to rise.
There’s magic in the air,
and electricity flowing through my veins.
No weight of the world on my shoulders.
I’ll light the darkness with a little spark.
The cleansing waters drift on with the tide.

This is me.

Shifting through the murky depths,
Swimming out into the darkness.
Finger touches glass,
Reflections warp though the carnival mirror.
Do you see the truth beneath the vision?

It is..

…just me.

~ Annette B.


8 responses to “Poetry Friday

  1. Lovely. (obviously *laughs* given my email to you)

  2. Paper and dreams…

    Gorgeous, Annette. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. These are terrific – I love starting my day with poetry. Kate

  4. Raymond Bolton

    “It is..
    …just me.”

    Ah! And so much more: “ink on her fingers, paper and dreams.”

    So much more. Nice to meet you in this manner.

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