Around & Around We Go…

Being a writer and a believer that this is not all there is, that life does not end here, has brought me to question why I believe this.

I, like I am sure most all of you, have heard many times, that everything that is written or said has happened before in some other life. Which brings me to ask, what good is a premise without a conclusion? The great fiction writers write what they know, that is what makes what they write so believable. On that there is little or no argument, and quite understandably obvious when reading novels about subjects dealing with everyday life, now and in the past. But what about those writers who write about future times and worlds that don’t exist to our knowledge? Almost every schoolchild has read, will read, or heard the stories of HG Wells and Jules Verne. Stories, when written, were thought to be complete and utter fantasy, yet have or are becoming realities in this future life time.

It is believed by some, that the force which makes us what we are is our soul. And there are believed to be both old and new souls… old souls varying from almost new, to very, very old, possibly, ancient souls. This could mean that your soul is brand new, first time out, or one that has led past lives in one form or another. Which may explain where the ideas writers come up with for stories come from… past experiences… experiences from a past life—But what of the story ideas from the future?

Perhaps the soul’s journey isn’t just a one-way trip. Maybe the soul travels backward as well as forward in time. The reason we are able to write about subjects and things no one living today could possibly have experienced or known about. Why writers write what they know. Old souls have a lot of experience; writers with old souls are able to draw on those experiences, both from the past and future, when spinning their tales. Those with new soles have fewer experiences and are therefore more limited in what they write about. Maybe that’s why everyone isn’t good at making up stories.

If everything that is written has been written before and if writers write what they know, then it follows that all that happens has happened before.

Once again, I seem to have ended up where I began.


6 responses to “Around & Around We Go…

  1. Great, Wally. Now I’m dizzy. 😉

    Don’t forget quantum theory, and the idea that there are many other parallel realities. What if we, as writers, are tapping into those other “selves” and their experiences? And then, there’s the theory that time isn’t linear at all, but runs in circles…and certainly the soul isn’t restricted to following the bouncing ball along a straight course. Maybe we jump forward and back in time from life to life?

    Wow. All this before my second cup of coffee, It’s going to be one of THOSE days… *wanders off*

    • I’m glad i was able to stir your little gray cells. I find that I am dizzy most of the time, except when I’m drinking good scotch — it seems to steady the world. But the spinning seems to bring the story ideas out of the depths of my mind, or what’s left of it.

  2. I’m with Lisa – I’m dizzy. But fascinated. And what a great idea for a novel, or a series of novels.


  3. It’s too early for scotch, time for more coffee… I’ve a test movie to finish producing and I’ve about decided to resurrect the only stage play I ever tried to write, Will You Be Staying For Supper. Definitely time for more coffee.

  4. I think you’re right about old, wise souls. I’m sure my son Garth was one of them. He knew so much for someone so young. We were blessed to have him with us, even though his time with us was far too short.

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