Ever had your tail pulled too hard?

Last week I had an experience I’m glad I had, but need not be repeated.

See the pictures with the monkey pulling the other’s tail? I took that picture at the zoo in Seattle—it turns out the monkeys were among only a few things I did see there, but I’ll get to that later.

I had my tail pulled quite a few times in just three days, and I learned the benefit of being a grown up is that, unlike a two-year-old, when I say I want to go home, I can. And did!

My very best friend from high school was in Seattle, babysitting for her brother. My friend’s mother and two aunts were all there, too. For the three sisters, it was the first time in a very long time they were together. As in any family (at least in mine) the siblings got on each others’ nerves very easily.

So picture this… Three 60-somethings, two 30-somethings, two very young 20-somethings (both were kids of one of the aunts) and a 2.5 year old.

Day One: The toddler goes to daycare, and the seven of us “adults” head off in two vehicles to take a tour in Seattle. The aunts picked a tour, which turned out to be meant for kids around age 6 (in my opinion).


It was loud, obnoxious, and didn’t give much history of the city. I will refer to this tour as 90 minutes in Hell from this day forward. But, I can deal with anything for 90 minutes. My tail was pulled, but it’s okay. Everything will be fine.

Next on the agenda? Food. Seeing as how I’m the only one who knows Seattle even a little bit, it’s left to me to tell them how to get to the restaurant they chose. Do you think anyone wants to listen?

So picture this… Three 60-somethings trying to figure out the GPS and Google searches on their smart phones.

Yank! My tail is starting to feel the strain right about now.

But, it’s okay, I tell myself. I can deal with it. No problem. I’m starving, but let’s stand around discussing the fact that all we have to do is drive down the hill, turn left, and find a parking spot.

Yank… *forcing grin* It’ll be fine.

And it was. We made it to the restaurant. Lunch was good. I will say that Ivar’s Restaurant – the sit-down one, not the fast food everything fried one – makes an incredible seafood cocktail.

After the meal, my friend and I part ways with everyone else but Mom and head to pick up the child from daycare.

And the evening ended well. We – just the two of us friends – had a quiet dinner out at a very good Mexican place called Canyons in Bothell. I am a salad connoisseur, and this place had the most amazing California Cobb I’ve ever eaten.

I survived day one. It was all right, and the tail was only slightly bent.

Day Two: It was a little better, mainly because it offered a relief from the night. I was exhausted after having a big ol’ housecat constantly jump up onto me all night. Yank! The feline wouldn’t just sit its butt down and sleep; it had to keep going up and down, waking me up each time the “thump” hit the floor, and definitely every time it jumped up and landed on top of some body part of mine.

But the sun was up, so we drop the child at daycare and drive to Tacoma to the Museum of Glass. Very nice place. Loved watching the artists work. We pulled away sooner than I would’ve liked because the aunts were starving, but it was a good day, good meal, and good conversation with the family, albeit a somewhat smaller group than the previous day; the younger twenty-something girls had left the night before to go home to So. California.

Regardless, the pleasant feelings of day two prompted me to stay over one more night than I’d planned. Remember that thing about pulling tails?

Cat’s tail in my face. Cat jumping on me. Cat purring in my ear. Cat deciding to be my pillow. All night long…

By the way, I’m allergic to cats.

Day Three: Very little sleep because of cat and allergic reaction cat caused because it was near my face made for a rocky start the next morning. We leave to take the toddler to the zoo.


Child is whiny. Child wants to see monkeys. They’re not the right monkeys. Child wants to go home. Child doesn’t want his aunt to change his diaper. Child doesn’t want to eat his food.


Does the child even know what the child wants to do? Does anyone?

This is when I realized that I don’t have to deal with child. My child is a teenager who would’ve had her butt grounded into the ground if she whined like that in public.

Wow. Okay. Yeah, I wanna go home too!

So I did.

It’s good being a grown up!

My tail is on its way to mending after being pulled so hard.

I still dearly love my friend, and I found her mom and aunts entertaining – except when I was hungry. I even fell in love with her nephew, but I’m so glad my toddler-rearing years are far, far behind me.

Anna Leigh


2 responses to “Ever had your tail pulled too hard?

  1. That’s why they invented murder, Anna Leigh. Your host is still alive? The cat is still alive? The child is still alive? Such restraint. * big toothy grin * They must be discussing your beatification at the Vatican right now. Oh, wait. You have to be dead to be sainted and you’re still alive. I guess the weekend ended alright, after all.

    Glad you’re still with us. 😀

  2. I have to bite my tongue and sit on my hands when it comes to other peoples little “angels” — pets and kids. That’s why I stay in a hotel when ever possible. It’s nice to escape once in a while.

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