farm chicks for inspiration

A few weeks ago a couple of friends invited me to go to an antique show called, “Farm Chicks” in Spokane, WA. I’ve read about this event in some magazines and the suggestion of a girls weekend to reconnect was too much to pass up.

One friend picked me up and we traveled to the home of the other friend in Moses Lake. It was fun to chat and catch-up on the trip over the mountains to Eastern Washington. For those of you who have never traveled this path… the Eastern side of the state is much flatter and drier than our wet evergreen side.

Many folks from Seattle go east in search of the sunshine.

We got up early and drove to Spokane, circled the parking lot a few times and finally found an empty spot. We hustled into the building, where crowds were already gathered to peruse the many wares that vendors were offering.

I believe one of the reasons I enjoy writing historical romance is so that I can have my characters actually using the antiques I love to collect. My critique partner once commented that I have a tendency to label all the furniture, oak, pine, etc. I think that’s because when I see the room in my mind’s eye, I KNOW what kind of wood the furniture is made from.

This shopping experience was different from the usual antique show because the vendors took great pains to make their stalls so fun and interesting. There was as much thought put into the display as the choice of wares, and they dressed up. In fact, many of the people, (mostly women) dressed up too! I’ll admit, I donned a farm-girl dress, a pair of red cowboy boots and my Bakelite cherry necklace and bracelets. I love any opportunity to dress up.

Above is one of the first booths I saw and I couldn’t resist this title. For a romance author, it’s a natural.

My doll collector mother would probably be horrified by this “abomination” but it made me laugh. And it’s creative recycling.

I love pink, and there was a lot of girly-girly stuff to choose from at this event. I wish I had more than one room to decorate, but my guest room is the only one allowed to have a shabby-chic look.

I can imagine this in the room of one of my heroines. Can’t you just see her arranging her bustle in the mirror?

I didn’t buy much at the antique show, but I came home with lots of inspiration for my stories and I had a wonderful weekend with friends. We never know where we get our ideas from, but I know that every day there is something I’ll find that will end up in a story.

Deborah Schneider


2 responses to “farm chicks for inspiration

  1. Sounds like such fun, Deb!
    The only thing that keeps me showing restraint at antique shows is my pocketbook! 😀


  2. shellee strand

    I too had a wonderful time. I especially love the antique rosary and linen farm shirt I came home with. I feel all warm inside when I wear these…I love the history that comes with each item and where they may have been. I especially love the sharing of love between treasured friends….


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