School supplies

Today I visited my local Target store, initially to get coffee, (it’s next door to where I work). Then I wandered toward the back to buy more candy for my office candy jar, (my fellow workers depend on me for the good stuff).

What did I behold as I turned the corner?

School supplies!

I actually squeaked with delight, (how embarrassing for a grown woman). And a co-worker wondered what the heck I was so excited about it.

It usually happens in August but I guess like Halloween in the summer and Christmas in September, the dates have been moved ahead. I don’t care, because this is the time of year when I load up on all kinds of cool writing supplies. Things like decorative notebooks, (last year I had a thing for Disney Princesses), notepads, folders and more.

I’m sure the checkout clerk thought I must have a couple of little girls stashed away at home. But for me, getting organized for writing is just so much more fun if I have cute stuff. My research notebooks are filled with notes, photos, images and brain maps for outlining plots. But all that information isn’t in a sterile environment. There are flowers, peace signs, and yes – even an occasional princess in the collection of binders on my shelves.

It’s a silly ritual, my grabbing armfuls of school supplies. But maybe it harkens back to my childhood, when an early September birthday meant new clothes and the first days of school were filled with fresh notebooks, sharpened pencils and a positive outlook that this could be the best year ever.

 What writing rituals get you excited about putting words on paper?

Deborah Schneider


7 responses to “School supplies

  1. *laughs* I’m barred from buying more writing supplies and have a keep a tight rein on myself when I go into Target/Office Depot. Though now that we’re moving and I’ll have an office of my own again (along with places to stash things!) maybe I’ll treat myself. 😀

    I love the whiteboard ritual. Cleaning off the old project (or random notes) and scribbling out new ideas. In fact, that’s another thing I’ll probably buy after we move. A bigger, better white board for all my insanity!


  2. I picked up a few school supplies yesterday, too – though they were actually for my kids. 🙂

    I totally get that sense of excitement about new beginnings and the best year ever. Part of that, for me, is knowing that I’ll soon get my regularly scheduled writing time back!!


  3. K.B. – I understand how it goes with needing to “walk away from the supplies”. I’m getting my own office, (Victorian/Steampunk style) so this was a great treat to myself. I used to have a whiteboard. It won’t fit with the decor but I love the idea.

    Lisa, I admire your resistance to purchasing your own supplies. I just finished a big project and can now tackle the revisions on a book. Finally, new writing….

    • Deb, I saw a cool thing the other day for making your own “whiteboards”

      Take an old picture frame, whatever size you want and put a lighter colored paper into the background. Then you can just write on the glass with dry erasers!

      Something to think about. You could buy a frame and put gears, whatnot around it to fit into your steampunk theme, and use old fashioned wallpaper/wrapping paper for the background?

  4. Deb, even cheat about buying them. I tell myself I’m buying them as prizes for website/blog whatever, when in fact I use them myself. Or just keep them to drool over. I LOVE NOTEBOOKS! I have dozens of them that I can hardly bear to use so I buy new ones all the time that I also can’t bear to use.


  5. K.B. that is a brilliant idea. I’m going to search the Goodwill for a good frame. And I have the perfect place to hang it.

    Kate, it’s so hard for me walk by journals. Remember the woman at Fremont who sold the journals made from books?

    Fremont! Must go to Fremont Market….another day another shopping experience.

    • Fremont Market! I still use the red sunglasses I bought there last year and I still regret not buying one of those journals! You know that old saying? Never regret what you do, only regret what you didn’t do? I’d change to buy!


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