even after all this time

You guys get a hackneyed job at a blog entry today. You see, life is a bit scattered and chaotic at the moment. Normally I try to write these things the week ahead, but this time around it’s just not happening.

 We’re closing on a house in two weeks, which also means we’re moving  in two weeks. I’m excited. It’s long past time really, this house we’re renting we moved into just after the husband got sent to the Springs, and the six and a half years we’ve been in it make it officially the second longest house I’ve lived in since I moved out of my parents’ house to go to college.

 I like stability. *grins* You’d think this was totally throwing a rod in my life, but oddly enough it’s not. I’m enjoying this. I’m excited. And moreover I’m actually learning to keep up with a routine (of sorts) despite the assorted craziness swirling around me.

 Part of this might be because I’m so jazzed to move and that the house we’re buying is just plain awesome. But I like to think it’s also because I’ve finally learned to adapt some, and that this Taurus isn’t quite so scared of her precious schedule getting derailed.

 I had thought I would wait until after the move to tackle edits on my latest project, but something in my brain just wouldn’t leave it alone.

 So now, in between navigating a new job and watching my living space steadily disappear into a pile of moving boxes, I’m somehow managing to also jump head-first back into writing. (And watch Harry Potter twice this weekend. *grins* A girl has her priorities, after all.)

 Life happens, usually when we’re least ready for it. I catch myself saying things like “when it settles down” or “when things are less crazy” usually in reference to things I want/need to do. Then I snort with laughter. There is no later, there is only now. What I choose to do now impacts that mysterious later.

 Life is always happening, and life is pretty much about chaos. We try to fool ourselves into some sense of order, but time is a human construct and however we try to manage and measure it, it ticks on regardless. The only thing you can do is make use of the now.

Which means, no putting things off. *grins* So simple, huh? I’m fond of the saying – How you spend your time, is how you spend your life. And of the idea that waiting for that perfect moment never gets you anything but a lot of wasted time and regrets.

My writing is a priority in my life, but more than that, it’s a stability. It is the rock in the chaos. That thing I turn to when nothing else seems to be holding still for me. In it, I can find a few moments of quiet. I can find myself.

So if your life is in chaos (or even if it’s not) and there’s something you’ve been putting off doing until things “quiet down” or life “evens out.” Don’t wait! Now is actually the perfect time to start running, or learn to play the violin, or take up dance lessons.

Leave me a comment about something you’ve always wanted to try/see/do and what you think is holding you back from it. I won’t lie, it does take focus, but it’s possible and I can promise you that you won’t regret it.

K.B. Wagers

(photo by Don Branum – for more photos PhoenixBlue

14 responses to “even after all this time

  1. Join Urban Peak as a Volunteer. 🙂
    And tomorrow morning I’m hoping to do just that with a breakfast at the center at 7:30am and the opportunity to meet the new executive director and FINALLY get established as a volunteer (if all goes well!). 🙂

    And also, learning sign language.

  2. Sounds to me like you are on the right track. “Time is valuable, so don’t waste it. When it’s gone, it’s gone, you can’t get it back… I have a lot of friends ask me when i’m going to retire? My answer is, “I don’t have time for that right now.” actually, i may never find the time for that, the best i can manage is an afternoon nap.

  3. One of the things I always wanted to do was learn to play an instrument – I did. It’s not for me, but I did it. I even played a couple of recitals with kids 40 years younger than me. Right now? I’m pretty sure I’m doing – or have done – all the things I’ve wanted to do. I’ve been lucky that way –

    And I’m working toward the one thing I really do want to do – quit work and write full time. I’m doing all the things I should be doing to get there – that’s only happened in the past six months or so, so I’m proud of myself. Took me a long time to get here.


    • I play the piano as a kid and I really want to learn to play the violin.

      Good for you, Kate! Keep at it.


  4. My husband would say that I pretty much do everything I want to do. I’d always dreamed of more travel, wrote it down in my journal and went to New York City, Washington DC, London, Paris and Costa Rica in the same year.
    You’re right, if you really want to do something you need to stop making excuses and as the ad says, “Just Do It!”. It also helps me to write it down, make baby step plans on how I will do it, and realign when things don’t go the way I expected.
    Chaos is the norm, so I’ve learned to find some small oasis of calm, even when things are swirling around me like a tornado.

    • I have found I surround myself with people who are willing to “just do it”, Deb. It’s an awesome energy and makes me push myself even harder!

  5. Whose photo is that? 🙂

  6. Writing is the place where I find myself, too. And after six weeks off, I’m really starting to miss me! 😀

  7. Years ago, I owned a Martin D-28: an extremely fine, hand-crafted guitar. I sold it when I was traveling around Europe with a backpack in the early 70’s—long before you were born, sweet mudder. After a brutal divorce, and before I met my present, wonderful wife, I purchased a Martin D-1: similar design, almost as nice. It sits in the closet in my office untouched. After reading this blog, I’m going to retrieve it and re-learn how to play it. Thanks for the impetus.

    BTW, girl! What’s with “the husband”? Not “my husband.” Sounds like “the silverware,” “the garbage disposal,” “the dish washer.” Of course, depending on his appetite or household chores, the last two may not be far from the truth. * grin nod nod wink wink*

    • Good for you!

      *laughs* I call him “the husband” the same way I call them “the cats” or “the nieces and nephew” … it’s just a habit for me I guess. 😀

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