I was going to write about comedy this week… and then I read Raymond’s post about selling what you write… and that got me thinking about how things you write that don’t sell are kind of a waste of time—a lot of time—way too much time to waste, for sure… and then I got to thinking about recycling—and how recycling is using stuff we normally would throw away for some other purpose… and, Voilà, that led me to realizing all those screenplays my esteemed partner, Wash Phillips, and I wrote, that never got produced, might just have another use or uses, other than making a movie, that is.

If you remember my last post, I spoke about making a test movie, an animatic production that uses recorded actors dialogue, sound effects, background music, and drawings of story scenes—sort of a story board production out of a screenplay—an unsold, un-produced screenplay.

“And then what?” you might ask.  “It is still unsold.”

In this instance, its use is to enter and win a competition, in which 1st place wins $100,000, not to sell it.

“But if it doesn’t win, this test movie, too, winds up in the “waste-of-time didn’t-sell stack,” you might remind me.

“Au contraire,” say I!

If I take the finished product, replace the drawings with a narrator setting scenes and giving background… like magic, I have, transformed said test movie into what is called, ‘a full-cast-audio’ book, and that can be
sold!  There is a wide market for audio books.

But wait, there’s more! If we color the drawings, and put them back in, PRESTO, CHANGEO! We now have a digital-graphic novel. That’s right, I said, a graphic novel but not just any graphic novel… this graphic novel doesn’t have little dialogue bubbles… this graphic novel has characters that talk… What will they think of next???? The digital book market is growing day by day.  Digital graphic novels are just a matter of time… if they happen to talk… me thinks that would be another plus.

“What about novels that don’t sell?” You might ask.

Maybe I’ll cover that in another blog, at another time. Right now I’ve got to get back to my recycling!

Wally Lane


6 responses to “THE ART OF RECYCLING

  1. Brilliant, Wally! Hope it sells.

  2. Wow, Wally! Way to be forward thinking! I love it.

  3. Wally, now that I’ve learned how to format books for Smashwords and Kindle, have an editor and a cover artist, I’m going to recycle my completed books into Ebooks. I’ve realized that it isn’t my writing, (I’ve won awards and kudos for that) but my settings. I want books set in the New World, (Jamestown) and America. I like writing strong heroines. I don’t want to water down my stories for the market. I’m not a NY big publisher’s dream.
    So, I’m becoming my own publisher and I’ll let the readers decide if my books are worthwhile.
    It’s a brave new world for writers, and I’m jumping in with both feet.
    Good luck with your endeavor. And don’t forget about book video trailers. There’s a huge market there for anyone with film experience.

  4. Raymond, she’s doing my cover as a “first try” although I know she’s an amazing artist. She’s worked for Disney designing costumes and is a graphic design consultant on “True Blood”. Once she gets my cover done I’ll post it here with information about how we designed it together.

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