Simple Adventure

Last week I needed to meet with a friend and former co-worker who is now retired. I quickly agreed to travel to her house, because she lives on Bainbridge Island, and visiting her means I need to ride the ferry.

I swear the Washington State Ferry system seduced me into moving to Seattle. One ride, one long look at the skyline as I floated away from the dock, admiring the beautiful scenery as I rode to my destination is all it took. I was converted.

Because my friend had to commute across the water for nearly twenty years, the romance of the ferry ride is lost on her. It was a daily grind, tied to the schedule of boats. But for me, the chance to go to a meeting via ferry was an adventure.

There is always a little bit of stress getting into Seattle, hoping to find a parking space (if you walk on, which I did this time) or if you’re driving – getting into the lineup earlier enough to make the boat. Then, you are there, waiting patiently for the ferry to arrive, unload and then welcome you aboard.

I lucked out and the day I traveled was warm and sunny, which is not the usual for the Pacific Northwest this summer.  I think people were actually giddy with sunshine, because everyone seemed in a good mood. Or maybe, like me, the idea of riding the ferry makes them childlike again.

I love standing outside to watch the cars load on, and then in what seems a very small amount of time, the whistle blows, the engines roar and the boat slips away from the dock. People snap photos of the skyline, the sea gulls circle, and I’m off on an adventure.

The afternoon consisted of having lunch with my friend, gossiping a bit, talking business and we even managed a little bit of shopping. I found the most amazing rain boots – and they were half-off! (Happy Birthday to me).

By three o’clock, I was back at my desk, but I felt refreshed and renewed because I was able to make a business meeting into a simple adventure.

What’s your idea of a fun and simple adventure?

7 responses to “Simple Adventure

  1. Your day reminds me we don’t need to do anything expensive to enjoy ourselves. Good conversation with a friend is always a great formula for me. A bit of shopping doesn’t hurt either, but that’s just for the exercise (not that we need to buy anything) 😉


  2. Deb, you know that, like you, those little boat rides are one of the things that endear me to Vancouver. I ride the Granville Island ferry as often as possible – it’s only five minutes, but those five minutes relax me in a way almost nothing else does.


  3. I think we have this stereotypical image in our head of vacation, being in a car driving hundreds of miles to see something and experience thing new. I’m sure most of us can remember being trapped in the car with folks, hot, bored, irritated by siblings and the heat, plus needing to go to the bathroom and having to wait, because your sister or brother went a few miles back, when you didn’t have to. Sure, vacation was adventure, something new and exciting to experience but a vacation/adventure doesn’t have to be 1 to 3 weeks long, and your destination doesn’t have to be hundreds of miles away. It can be in the next neighborhood or across the sound. And it can consist of a few hours of getting away from your everyday life. I too, love to hop on the ferry and travel into that foreign land we call Cross Sound or drive around the lake to Issaquah or North Bend. Sometimes we just head for one of the near by beaches or the Seattle Water front and mix in with the tourists. Hell’s Bells, life’s an adventure, you just need to get out of your own back Yard to enjoy it!


  4. How fun!

  5. We all need to fill our days with little adventures. The boots are killer, BTW. Happy B’day!

  6. Eden, you are so right. My mom was here recently visiting and we had loads of fun going to garage sales. We didn’t buy a lot, but the thought of that “bargain” waiting just around the corner excited us. The best part of the afternoon was the conversation with my friend. Priceless.

    Although Raymond, I’m forced to agree. Those boots are killer!

    Wally, the next time you’re heading to North Bend, let me know. We’ll meet for a bit of libation!

    Kate – I LOVE those little boats out to Granville Island too. And the drivers! Where do they get those cute guys?

    Yes, K.B. it was a lot of fun. And I’m really glad I took the time because this week has been frantic with deadlines and meetings. We all need to grab those adventures when we can!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I recently “took a vacation” while waiting for Les Schwab to do some much-needed work on the truck brakes. I packed a lunch, took the dog with me…we walked several miles along the Centennial Trail (very close to the Les Schwab shop), and then picnicked in the shade. When the brakes were done (at last) we drove 10 minutes home. Details and photos:

    I love love love the boots.

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