The Undead Masses

“Say what you will, but I think that a good straight-edged weapon and a good pair of boots are going to be your best chance of survival.” – Cora Mercer

Photo by Donald Branum of PhoenixBlue Photography / Machete by LT’s Special Projects (a division of Cold Steel)


I love zombies. I’m scared to death of them, but I love them. *grins* I am not a big horror person. I don’t read it much, I don’t write it really at all (though there are some ideas in my brain that would probably scare the crap out of people if I ever put pen to paper) and I certainly don’t watch horror films.

Except that I do if there’s zombies involved.

I got sucked into the zombie genre by Resident Evil. I watch the first movie because I love Milla Jovovich and I heard that James Purefoy was in it. I hadn’t ever played the video games because, well, they scared the crappy out of me! But I watched it, and loved it and I loved Shaun of the Dead even more.

There’s been a glut of excellent zombie movies lately, everything from the truly terrifying to hysterically funny. There’s also been an influx of books on the subject – Jonathan Maberry’s Patient Zero will keep you up nights, while you want to not drink anything if you read Mark Henry’s Happy Hour of the Damned.

What is it about zombies that fascinates us so? It’s certainly not the glamorous immortality of vampires. Or the raw brutality of werewolves. There’s a lizard-brain reaction to the idea of hordes of undead shambling around looking to nom on our flesh, something about the idea of our bodies coming back to life after death. It’s a terror that hides right there in the back of your throat no matter how much you try to deny it. Because there is no reasoning with zombies, no avoiding them, and no killing the undead. At least not without a lot of work.

*grins* Or maybe we just really want a justifiable reason to bash our neighbor’s head in with a shovel. (Come on! You know you’ve thought about it.)

What’s your favorite zombie movie/book? What’s your plan for the Zombie Apocalypse? Who do you want on your team when the end comes? Where do you stand on the great “stay on the move” vs. “hole up and fight” debate?

Grab a shovel and join the conversation!


13 responses to “The Undead Masses

  1. Right on! *laughs* Zombies before my first cup of coffee. It’s going to be a fantastic day. 😀

    Fido is my favorite zombie flick – dark, twisted and funny – with SotD in close second. I have World War Z and Patient Zero on my dwindling TBR stack. Sort of figuring they’ll be good lead-ins and the Halloween season. At the moment, I’m halfway through the MG book, The Dead, because my eldest said I HAD to read it. It’s made of awesome.

    The youngest is currently reading The Zombie Survival Guide (thanks Annette!) and both my kids have mad slaying skills thanks to Res Evil 5 and Left4Dead. I still suck mightily and die often but I maintain that it’s a basic lack of video gaming mojo and in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse my prowress with garden tools will make me a decent ally. They will allow me on their team conditionally, but I suspect there’s a plan to use me as a decoy in the works…

    So yeah. Sign me and my gas powered hedge clipper up for YOUR team instead. Heh.


  2. Wow, KB! Who’da thunk you’d start my morning off with this? I’m going to be thinking about flesh eating zombies all day.

    But you’re right. Every now and then my lizard brain craves some primal stimuli. I blame it all on George Romero who started my Zombie Awareness off with Night of the Living Dead. No SPFX. Basic celluloid on a B&W TV. But wow! At eight or ten years old, never having been instilled with that kind of fear! Oooooooooo. Still get shivers.

  3. There definitely is something very primal about zombies and probably accounts for the fascination. I got a good dose of it with “The Walking Dead” series. What appealed to me most was the psychology of attachment to the physical body.

    Once “zombified” – it was still hard for us to let go those we love, even though they were no longer the same.


    • I really enjoyed that series.

      And yeah, that’s an interesting phenomena, Eden. So much to that the hubby and I initiated the “zombie clause” in the marriage contract. 😀 Either of us get zombiefied it’s the other’s duty to take us out.

      Because we’re strange and morbid like that. 😛

  4. For me, Shaun of the Dead, absolutely no question, though I have to say for some reason I also love 28 Days Later – I guess I’m just addicted to English films. Saturday night last week was a Zombie walk in Vancouver and THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! I felt like I was in a movie – totally entertaining.


    • You know I really didn’t care for 28 Days Later, though I think the premise was interesting, I just couldn’t get into the movie. It wasn’t scary enough to keep me riveted to the screen. Though I think a large part is that I’m not a huge fan of Cillian Murphy’s.

      (and pssst I’ve got a comment to Lisa that needs approval I think because I put hyper links in it?)

  5. Honestly, zombies are not my favorite, (and sorry but I don’t read vampire books either). But there happen to be zombies in Cherie Priest’s “Boneshaker” and the thought of those undead folks wandering around in a walled-in Seattle is pretty creepy. And she’s a great writer. Give me fairies any day, (even nasty fairies like Melissa Marr writes). Witches, fairies and Druids… that’s my choice for weird stuff.

  6. Suppose it depends on who you talk to, but I’ll argue that zombies fascinate and inspire dread because they are probably the monster/supernatural entity the average Joe is most like. Easiest one to draw metaphors from, too (dangers of conformity being the most obvious). I still prefer werewolves, myself. 😉

    Favorite zombie book is pretty much the only one I’ve read: World War Z.

    Favorite zombie movie? Toss up between Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. What I’ve seen of the Walking Dead so far has been good, but it takes itself a little too seriously at times. Apparently I like humor mixed in with my zombie films.

    Honestly, my only real plan for a Z Apocalypse is steer clear of large clusters of humans (zombies go for them like moths to a flame), loot a sporting goods store for aluminum bats and hunting outfitters for large knives and ammo, and military surplus for MRE’s and survival gear. After that, it’s all about getting out into the wild away from anything that would attract the walking dead.

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