Ink and Mud

Photo by Don Branum of PhoenixBlue Photography

I’ve been wanting more ink for a while now. *laughs* I was complaining the other day it had been FOREVER since my last one. My roommate looked at me and said “didn’t you get your arm done in January?”

*sheepish grin* Uh, yeah. But that’s been nearly eight months ago! You can’t expect a girl to survive that long without something new.

Hi, I’m Katy and I’m addicted to tattoos.

There are worse things to be addicted to, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I’m saving up for a leg piece based on Alice in Wonderland, but I promised myself that I could get something small if I meet a few goals over the next month.

Because I’ve also kind of become addicted to obstacle course races. *grins* If you’ve been following here or my blog, you know I ran the Tough Mudder back in June. Well, since then I’ve signed up for a 5k obstacle race for ladies only called Dirty Girl. I ran TM with my sister and a friend and we’re running DG this Saturday along with a few other friends. It’s looking to be a fun time and I’m trying not to be blasé about it since it’s “only” a 5k. *winks*

The kicker to signing up for these is then you’re on the radar. My Facebook sidebar has been helpfully making suggestions on races to try for the last three months. Two weekends ago I jokingly sent a friend of mine a note about another race that’s happening on the 8th of October – The Devil Dash is another 5k obstacle course – and we signed up for that one. Hey, there’s donuts involved! (and beer)

What’s the reason for this? *laughs* Well, it helps me stay in shape, and be motivated to stay in shape when I know I have another challenge on the horizon. I also (in what some might consider a fit of insanity) signed up for Tough Mudder again.

Yes, you heard me right. I signed up again for that grueling 10+ mile race through the mountainous terrain of Beaver Creek. Moreover I’m considering going to Phoenix to do it with a friend who lives out there. *laughs* Though time and money constraints might prevent me from accomplishing that one. To top it off I’ve got a growing list of other races in 2012 I want to do.

So what’s the deal here? Fitness is a very important part of my life. For years I was overweight, or awkward, or non-athletic. That started changing a little over 10 years ago when I discovered yoga, then I found my touchstone in kung fu when we moved to Colorado.

I’m not a big TV watcher and normally I hate reality shows, but I fell in temporary love with The Biggest Loser a few years ago and from there found my way to trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. I had been struggling with a plateau I couldn’t seem to get off of and it was thanks to their assorted workouts I found my pace again.

Anyhow, tattoos. *laughs* Since I went off track there. My next ink will be in mid-October after I finish up these two races and it’s a reminder to be strong, to never back down, and to never give up on anything.

I’ll be getting “Molon labe” in Greek behind my left ear. As the roomie says, it’s the Greek version of “Come at me, Bro!” *laughs* More accurately, it’s what King Leonidas of Sparta purportedly said to the invading army as he stood at the Hot Gates to protect his people. Translated as “Come and take them” it was in reply to the order to lay down their weapons. It is a challenge. It is defiance. It is a perfect moment in time.

It will be my 12th tattoo, but obviously not the last. I have about as many ideas for tattoos as I do for stories, and I really don’t see any reason to stop now. I love the color, I love the reminders, and I love the conversations they start.

What things in your life have you stumbled across that just seemed to latch onto your heart and mind and won’t let go? Even if people think you’re crazy, what are you searching for (or what have you buried away) that will make your life be brilliant?

K.B. Wagers

6 responses to “Ink and Mud

  1. Sailing used to be my passion, but it’s a difficult pursuit where you’re hundreds of miles from the ocean. Someone here in New Mexico suggested I try sailing on Cochiti Lake, but I had to decline. It would be like going from the Grand Prix to the merry-go-round. *sigh* Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken to writing. It’s any anywhere pursuit.

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, Katy! Strikes me you’re one tough mudder in any sense or pronunciation of the phrase.

    • Judging from your photo I’d say you like merry-go-rounds, Ray! 😀 Why not give it a try anyway.

      • I’d rather try the Tough Mudder. Not at all into yawners.

        Just went to and there’s an event coming to Albuquerque—no date yet. Hmmm. Pullups. Crunches. Get out the Bowflex and start running. I can do that. (Don’t laugh until I’ve had some time to get up to speed.)

  2. Needles!!! YIKES! I have an aversion to needles. Maybe from getting stitched up a lot—as a boxer and bar-owner, I collected a lot of cuts, gashes and rips—plus I got stabbed a couple of times (not in the ring). And back then, every time they stitched you up, they gave you the dreaded tetanus shot (I should be forever protected from “lock-jaw.” I definitely dreaded the needles more than the cuts. So, have fun with the Tattoos, I’ll pass thanks. And I’m afraid my days of running, unless for my life, are over. But it sounds like it would be fun to watch. I think my new goal is to see how many fun things Belva and I can do, hopefully a long list, and finding the best single malt scotch whiskey ever made! But I will root for you!

  3. I’m SO ready my next piece of ink, but my fantastic favorite artist Kai is working in Santa Cruz now. Oh, wait.

    I see a win-win in the making. 😉

  4. eden baylee (@edenbaylee)

    There’s only one tat I could ever see myself getting,but I’m not much for tattoos so it will never happen, plus I hear once you get one – you can’t stop at one —like M and M’s, or getting a cat. 😉


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