How Twitter Improved My Sex Life

Did I get your attention in less than 140 characters? I hope so. My title is exactly 108 characters, well within the limits of a tweet.

Now that I have your attention, let me qualify my statement. I’m a fan of Twitter, despite its shortcomings, of which I’ve written about in a previous post here. Has it really helped improve my sex life? Yes, but only in the world of my writing.

Let me explain by talking about Twitter hashtags, specifically:

(1) What are hashtags?
(2) How one particular hashtag has helped sell my book
(3) How this hashtag has improved my writing about sex

If you’ve been on Twitter, you’ve seen this symbol. It’s included in front of a word or acronym. By adding (#), you have denoted it as a “hashtag.”

A hashtag groups tweets together on a particular subject and a link is automatically created. When you click on the link you will see the latest tweets containing that hashtag, making them easier to find. You can also do a search for a specific subject of interest by inputting a hashtag in the SEARCH field.

Hashtags are user generated, so it’s sometimes difficult to find the origin or reason for it. As a writer, I only use a few, but if you’re interested in what some of them mean, visit

#Novelines was a hashtag created by friend and author, Al Boudreau (Follow him on Twitter as @threecifer). Here are a couple of tweets he sent out explaining this hashtag.

#Novelines has made author’s writing more accessible to potential readers.

The words “promotion” and “fun” seemed mutually exclusive until #Novelines changed the way authors present their books.

So, how does it work? Here’s an explanation of it to my followers:

Have a A+ line from yr book? Link 2 your sale site & add #Novelines to tweet potential buyers. TX to @threecifer 4 this ingenious hashtag

Below are a couple of my tweets using #Novelines. I write erotica, so these two lines are the tamer ones.

“She made sure no part of him escaped her fiery tongue.” FALL INTO WINTER #Novelines

“She yielded to him, feeling his heat as her breasts crushed up against him.” FALL INTO WINTER #Novelines

The idea is to take a great line from your book (or work in progress) and expose it to your followers. Include a link to your website or sale site, and you’ve essentially provided a “mini excerpt” to whet the appetite of readers.

From personal experience, this hashtag has given me great feedback on my writing and helped me gain new followers. From conversations generated out of these tweets, I’ve seen the sale of my book go up.

In trying to find about 20 lines from my book that I considered enticing, but not too explicit for the Twitter audience, I confirmed something about my writing. I write long sex scenes, and sometimes longer sexual dialogue—certainly more than what would fit in a tweet!

I realized that specific words could be cut out and would not compromise the integrity of the story, but in actuality, would improve it. It’s a difficult balance to write sex with enough to stimulate the reader’s imagination but not too much so it reads like a “how-to sex manual.” This is a lesson I’ve learned for writing all sex scenes, as I truly believe that “less is more.”

I’d like to thank Al Boudreau for his relentless drive to help authors promote themselves, and in this case, for helping me improve my sex life too … if only in my stories. 😉


35 responses to “How Twitter Improved My Sex Life

  1. “Mac searched the bedroom, but @edenbaylee had left him to languish alone and spent while she went on the hunt.”

  2. I love the novelines hashtag! My book sales have gone up too. Novelines are like mini-excerpts, and in my experience, excerpts sell, especially when they’re sexy. (oops thats more than 140 characters)

  3. Thanks for this! Will definitely use it and see what happens…

    • eden baylee (@edenbaylee)

      Absolutely Patti, especially with your HUNTED series, great way to introduce it to a reading audience.

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  5. Great post, Eden! I agree that hashtags are so very important in being able to expand your product’s reach in the twittersphere. And this is totally random, but if that is a pic of your bedroom, I LOVE it! I am such a fan of the minimalistic design – a simple and clean environment is soothing to your muse and your soul!

  6. Great post, Eden!

    *laughs* I suck at hashtags … and Twitter in general. It’s kind of at the bottom of my social media list. (though FB is rapidly scoring that spot thanks to its annoying changes 😀 )


    • Twitter is a better forum for me as a writer to advise people about my posts, say hi, or let others know of interesting links.
      FB is primarily used to echo my blog stuff – not too much interaction for me on it, and certainly with the constant changes – it’s just damn annoying.

      • IMHO, FB and Twitter are for reaching out to two entirely different groups: FB for contacting friends, Twitter for contacting everyone else. Unless you leave your FB page open to everyone, I think the line between the two is clearly drawn.

  7. eden, I’m already doing this but using Al’s #hashtag is a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing this…


  8. Thank you Eden! Very well said and so useful! You’ve highlighted things that will help ‘shine’ light on my ‘jewels’ !

  9. Thanks so much for the twitter lesson. I suck at twittering but after reading this I’m going to get better. i can use this to promote Belva’s List and the books Wash and I are writing. Thanks a bunch! Oh, and I’ll let you know if it improves my sex life, too. (you could probably do with out that knowledge, huh? 🙂


  10. Great blog today & full of excellent advice. I do believe I would be wise to follow it. Lol. Love the attention grabber line too. : )

  11. Very enlightening, Eden! I’ll have to start using #novelines!

  12. Eden, you need to teach an online Twitter class! I’d sign up for sure. 🙂

  13. A very well written post, Eden. And yes, you’ve made me blush once again. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for letting people know about #novelines. You rock!

    • #Novelines has been very helpful to many authors, Al. It’s definitely a wonderful marketing tool. Thanks for always thinking up innovative ways to support the indie community.


  14. Great post, Eden!! Twitter has been great for me, to try to express a story in a tweet — it’s harder than it sounds. Great post!

  15. Eden. You don’t need a hashtag except maybe #Hotbabe– just kidding. I want to know what Al thinks of improving your sex life! Al has done so much for all of us writers by leading the way in becoming known. And his support of his peers.

    You are in the same class as Al, Eden. I’ve learned so much from you in how to just be nice and helpful. Friends are wondering what has happened to me, lol. #Novelines really work and it is a boost when you see a RT or get a direct message about the line. And watch sales increase.

    Great post, you sexy thing!

    • eden baylee (@edenbaylee)

      Dannie, thank you handsome! You are one of my biggest cheerleaders, and I am thrilled to have you as a friend.


      ps — Al said I made him blush — so that’s never a bad thing!

  16. Ooh, I will remember this for the New Year! Thanks, Eden.

  17. Thanks Eden. I’m on to it.

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