My year of changing

This is my first and, so far, only tattoo. I had it done way back in the Spring of 2004.

I had wanted a tattoo for quite a while, but I wasn’t going to permanently put just anything on my body. Everybody kept suggesting a dragon since they all know how much I love dragons, but that didn’t feel right.

I started getting the “tap” that a dragonfly was what I should get. Hmmm… okay…? I had never had a particular affinity to dragonflies before. They were pretty. They weren’t quite as common as butterflies, especially as tattoos. And my backyard was full of them because of the little run-off brook flowing along the edge of the property.

So, I did what I always do when I’ve been tapped by the Universe to do something – I started doing research. What I found was quite interesting.

Dragonflies are symbols of magic, illusions, and change. They symbolize growing up and opening your eyes. They also spend, on average, two years as a nymph underwater before climbing out and transforming into a dragonfly.

What makes all of that so interesting was that two years earlier I had undergone a sort of “awakening” ceremony as a way to come into my own and to help me overcome some of my self-confidence issues.

2004 was definitely my year of changing and growing up and having my eyes opened. And very little of it was pleasant. My dragonfly serves as my reminder that life is about change and change is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. It makes us laugh, cry, cringe, and hurt, but we should never run away from it.

Ana Ramsey

12 responses to “My year of changing

  1. Ana, I love dragonflies and yours is gorgeous. Love the colors, the detailing and the sentiment behind it. Life is change, like it or not. 🙂


    • Thanks! It actually looks much better in person because you can see the detailing in the body. I didn’t know it when I booked him, but the tattoo artist has a degree in bugology. I handed him a picture of a dragonfly (actually, I think he said it was a damselfly) that had just black and green wings and told him to make it more colorful. He did a fabulous job of it.

  2. Life is magic and illusion, so the dragonfly is very fitting. I’m curious, though, about your awakening ceremony. I understand the importance of ceremonies. More than a decade ago, after a nine day silent Buddhist retreat, I was about to embark on a vision quest when I met the woman who was to become my wife. Quest over. *grin*

    • *laughs* Wow, the quest was so powerful you didn’t even have to embark on it for it to work. 😉

      My ceremony was more of an affirmation ceremony than anything else. When I said “some self-confidence issues” I may have been understating things a bit. I suffered from near-debilitating shyness and social anxiety. I was one of those meek little mice that you just want to slap upside the head and yell at them “Grow a damned backbone!” Of course, anybody doing that to me would probably have just made me burst into tears.

      The ceremony was my closest friends pretty much just giving me permission to be awesome. And I think, over the last decade, I’ve done a pretty damned good job of living up to that awesomeness. 😀

  3. Dragon Flies are fascinating creatures, but then so are Dragons. I wonder why they named the Dragon Fly after the Dragon? I will probably never have a tattoo–I Hate needles–but I respect your awesomeness! 🙂


  4. Gorgeous tattoo, Ana! And great post.


  5. Ana, I think for sure we’re going to have to have a Friday blog about tattoos, in fact, I’m going to check with Lisa for a date. I have a dragonfly AND a dragon – for two different reasons, which I’ll talk about (and show) when we do our group blog about it. I love your dragonfly!


  6. Beautiful tattoo Ana, vibrant colours.

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