The Ultimate Margarita

Here I sit in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport drinking the Ultimate Margarita in a tequila joint. At this very moment, I’m supposed to be standing in front of a seventy-or-more folks at the South Dakota Festival of Books and giving a 5 minutes slide presentation about one of my passions. However, the aviation gods decided that they didn’t want me to give this speech and gave my flight out of Seattle mechanical problems, which caused a 2-hour delay that turned my connecting flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Rapid City into a star-crossed lover. The next flight I could catch? Eight hours later. There goes my speech. There goes my chance to meet and mingle with other authors at the author reception. There goes my best laid plans.

Lucky for me, my husband joined me on this trip, so I’m not stuck here in Minneapolis/St. Paul alone. We’ve had a nice, intimate dinner in an airport restaurant; taken a long, romantic stroll around the terminals; stared starry-eyed at each other over Starbuck’s coffee; took an adventurous ride on the tram…twice; sat on a bench while watching the world go by (well, the world that is existing in the airport on a Thursday afternoon/evening); and shared a nightcap in a tequila bar.

Am I upset to have missed the opening ceremonies and author reception? Definitely! But this Ultimate Margarita really tastes quite delicious. And the company is spectacular. When life gives you lemons, trade them in for limes and tequila and have a margarita. It will take away the bite.

What are some of the more important events in your life you missed out on due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a malfunctioning air compressor that is needed to maintain cabin pressure in a narrow aluminum tube while high up in the sky? How did you cope with missing out on the fun?

Until next time, drink up!



13 responses to “The Ultimate Margarita

  1. I love gazing starry-eyed at my wife. Best company in the world, if you were to ask. As I learned when I was studying Buddhism, never become attached to outcomes. Trying to direct your life is often like pushing a string. In the end, Ann, sounds as if you had a better time at an airport than I’ve ever managed.

    • Raymond–great advice! I told my husband that there was nobody I’d rather be stuck in the Minneapolis airport with. He was honored, but he’d rather not have been stranded there. 🙂 It was a delicious margarita.

  2. Last year, due to a series of events at his work, my husband ended up having to work right around Christmas, making our normal trip to my parents’ house impossible. It was the first time in my life I didn’t get to spend the holiday with my immediate family.

    I coped through a last minute planning of dinner, inviting a few friends who had family out of town or deployed. Christmas Eve we ordered Chinese, drank wine and watched silly Christmas specials.

    Thank goodness for technology also! Because of that I got to video chat with my nieces and nephews on Christmas morning.


    • I love and hate Christmas for this reason. I haven’t been back home for the holiday for about 8 years now, and I miss my family back in Ohio and those in Deadwood a LOT at Christmas. However, my husband and I are trying to continually make new fun holiday traditions, and his family is closeby, so I fill the void in my heart with other distractions…but I still miss being home at Christmas. Sounds like you made some fun new memories!

  3. I can’t really think of an event I’ve missed because of the universe’s perverse sense of humor recently, but I do agree with making the best of any situation. There’s no point in sulking, dwelling or brooding about things not going the way you wanted them to. It’s much healthier and more fun to just have a good time regardless.

    ::clinks glasses::

    • Cheers! I keep telling my husband that for some reason we just weren’t meant to get to Deadwood on time. I figure I was going to fall up on stage, totally blow my speech, or something like that, so the universe was protecting my reputation. 🙂

  4. Great post that just illustrates the importance of present awareness. You could have easily been upset, and made a big fuss over it, and then what? You would not have made it to your destination any faster, and you would’ve lost out on the opportunity to enjoy the great time you had with your husband.

    I can’t recall a time when I missed something of über importance, though I am thinking I must have … or at least it seemed important at the time 😉


    • We had a nice time together without the kids to have to entertain. We did a little shopping, too–for the kids (we’re suckers for them). I did learn a good lesson about flying in a little earlier for a conference, especially if I’m going to be speaking. The other authors and folks involved in the opening ceremony were all wonderful and caught up with me later, letting me know they were sorry I couldn’t have been there for the opening bit. It’s still bittersweet for me, but the rest of the conference was AWESOME, so the universe more than made up for a faulty plane. Hey, I’d rather be late than dead due to a plane malfunction mid-air. 🙂

  5. I got stuck in Colombia, my plane was delayed, which in turn made me miss my connection in Miami, which appeared to make me miss my anniversary party in Seattle, which was a big deal with a lot of guests traveling in from out of town. However, with the help of an airline ticket agent, I flew in an amazing zigzagging line meandering in every direction, to various cities throughout the US and finally ended up in Seattle, arriving via a wild taxi ride at the party, surprising the Hell out of Belva and everyone else. And I did it sober!

  6. I’m sure I have, but since I can’t remember when, it strikes me as the event wasn’t as important as I thought in the long run. I know it’s awful living through it, but it sounds like you and your hubs did have quite the date instead, and spending time with people you love outweighs pretty much anything. Glad you made your version of (80 proof) lemonade!

    • I was so glad to have my husband with me, Pamela. I was once stranded in Chicago’s O’Hare for 30 hours during a snow storm. I got pretty lonely after a bit…and tired. More 80 proof lemonade, please. 😉

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