When Blogger Meets Blogger

I first came to this blog at the behest of Kate Austin, whom I met two years ago at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Summer Conference, after she had read and edited one of my novels. With that invitation, I found myself in a community of several other unique, gifted and sometimes wacky authors.

At this year’s Conference, I had the pleasure to meet Lisa DiDio and Wally Lane and realized how aptly this group had been chosen. Although we had received each other’s posts with enthusiasm and respect, I could not tell how genuine those reactions had been until four of us came face to face. It was like meeting old friends. The conversation was easy and never lagged and I resolved to meet each of my blog mates as opportunities arose. So naturally, when I decided to drive to Denver to do research, I was determined to meet K. B. Wagers who lives in Colorado. I was delighted when Katy agreed to the meet-up.

Was I disappointed? Hell, no.

Those of you who follow BIWP will recognize her posts at once. They are punctuated with *laughter* and  *grins*  and unbridled enthusiasm. It is impossible to picture this woman without a smile on her face. You can almost hear her laugh.

We rendezvoused at a restaurant in Aurora—K. B., her husband Don, her roommate and guest-blogger, Dextra Hoffman, and I. Katy was going to compete in a race over a 3K obstacle course the next morning and spending the night with friends in Aurora would reduce her morning drive.

From the moment I walked through the door, Katy’s grin was unmistakable. She greeted me with an embrace and I knew at once I had landed among friends. Over the course of the evening, we talked about T’ai Chi and Kung Fu, racing and writing, her new home—congrats, Katy—the path to publication and our respective lives. She’s enthusiastic about every bit of it.

Don, who writes for his employer, the U. S. Air Force, is a sharp, appropriately nerdy complement to his wife. Katy says he supplies, among other things, technological knowledge she lacks in her life and her writing. He’s a photographer to boot, though my camera had a glitch that threw all of us for a loop, so his work doesn’t appear here.

As for Dex: she’s a nerd, as well. Don’t mistake me. This is not a put down. This was a four-wheel bus at the dinner table—I, as much a part of it as my dinner companions. She is a comix junky who considered giving her daughters the same initials as Marvel Comics’ Justice League of America and Justice Society of America, then said she thought better of it. I have no idea why. I think it would have been cool. (BTW, she provided the head shot at the top. Would you look at Katy’s grin? The geezer’s mug reflects six hours behind the wheel.)

I really didn’t want to say good night. They’re fun people, most especially my BIWP counterpart. But she had a race to run and the restaurant was patiently waiting for us to finish so they could close. And now I’m eagerly waiting to meet the rest of you. As I said, Kate and Lisa chose well.



12 responses to “When Blogger Meets Blogger

  1. I really DID submit a photo of Katy & I. 🙂 Check back later. I’m sure Kate will put it up.

    • If you came directly to this page and still don’t see K. B. and I, go to the home page where our smiling faces are on display for all to admire. (Humility’s one of strong points.)

  2. Awwww. 😀 Thanks Ray! It was great meeting you too.

    The race (which was actually a 5k *winks*) was COLD and fraught with a host of Murphy-like shenanigans but turned out to be a total blast.


  3. Way to go, Raymond, you lucky dog! I would hope we might all get together in one place sometime in the future. Imagine all of us in one room–now we’re talkin’ a blast!


  4. Sweeeet Raymond! We should all meet somewhere HOT! Beach, sand, drinks, cabana boys…

    That’s not asking too much, is it?


  5. If there is a beach and little umbrellas in the drinks… I am so there! Maybe we should organize a writer’s conference in Costa Rica. Lots of people want to go there!

  6. All I can say is that I’m glad I wasn’t involved in this 🙂 You guys crack me up. And I soooo want to be there for the cabana boys!


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