Several weeks ago I came up with the brilliant idea of starting a routine of daily meditation to help with my creativity. That hasn’t worked out so well. Mainly because I’m not good at that whole sitting and being still thing.

What I am good at is letting my mind wander which is generally the opposite of what meditation is about. So, instead of meditation, I’m going to start doing things which allow my mind to wander while my body is doing something else.

Not just random daydreaming, but more focused meanderings. A leisurely stroll through the garden versus stumbling blindly through the darkened woods. Although, the darkened woods can be quite fun on occasion that’s more for when I’m just batting random ideas around for a new project.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is by putting together jigsaw puzzles. Yes, jigsaw puzzles. The harder the better. Something about sifting through the puzzle pieces and finding their place in the larger picture helps my brain do the same thing with whatever plot problem I’m working on.

What are your secret tricks for getting your creative juices flowing?



10 responses to “Meditation

  1. Long walks on the beach, alone, just me and the gulls. It’s something about the vastness of the ocean, the waves, the smells, it’s easy to get lost in it all. When I can’t go to the ocean, I go to a beach or a park by the sound–not quite the same but close enough to stir the juices. And it doesn’t matter what the weather is.

    Hey, this may be my next blog! 😉


  2. Cooking, believe it or not. Not the kind where I’m rushing to get dinner on the table and tripping over kids and cats every time I turn around, but the kind where I walk the 4 blocks to the market, pick out exactly what I want, then have the kitchen to myself (either in silence or with some great tunes) while I put together a soup or pasta sauce or pot roast…or a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread, or an apple pie.

    Since this only ever can happen when my family is out of the house, the CrockPot is essential. If I’m feeling stuck, I can take an hour out of my morning and totally get recharged by indulging my inner fifties housewife. *sheepish grin* Also, there’s something about chopping veggies that unlocks the secrets of my subconscious writing mind. Go figure. 😉

  3. Creativity is a strange animal. I do meditate to control the wild dog that is my mind, as it likes to wander and not sit still long enough to create.

    Experiencing anything new is always an opportunity to get my creative juices going. Today, I’m going to my first-ever FOOD show with a friend. I love to eat, so this should be interesting 🙂


  4. I’m with Lisa. My wife doesn’t understand it, but grocery shopping while planning a meal and cooking are some of my favorite ways to decompress and let my thoughts soar.

    Also, rock work: either building terrace walls or laying flagstone. The pure physicality is so opposite writing—so unintellectual—it frees my mind.

    Lastly, though New Mexico is too removed from the water to allow this any more: sailing. When I lived near San Francisco Bay, I loved to sail. Ten feet from the dock and stress and the mundane disappeared. THAT was the greatest liberator.

  5. I’m with Wally – walking ALWAYS works for me, and walking by the ocean – which I can do as often as I want as it’s only a block from my place – is ideal. But even walking to work, which is about 10 minutes, helps as does walking home. I pace at home if the weather’s miserable, I walk around the block, any of those things works for me.


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