Tea for Two

I have several friends who are absolute tea snobs. They will only drink tea prepared the “proper” way – no tea from bags, only black or green tea, it must steep for just the right amount of time in a proper tea pot, and be drunk from teacups.

Compared to them, I’m their hick, backwoods cousin who can’t tell the difference between a tea towel and a napkin. As long as the tea tastes good I’ll drink it no matter how it’s prepared. From a tea bag, loose leaf in a proper tea pot, green, white, black, herbal. I even like Lipton’s black tea (with milk and sugar).

Not only am I a complete tea boor, but I’m also a bit of a tea whore. Those baskets full of tea are, in fact, mine and that’s only part of my collection. Not only do I have two baskets full of tea bags, but I also have more than a dozen boxes of Celestial Seasonings teas tucked away in my cabinet and several containers of loose tea.

Every time I go grocery shopping or shopping anywhere that may have a selection of tea, I always have to browse the shelves to see if they have anything interesting. It drives my husband up the wall – “Don’t you have enough tea?” Not that he has any room to complain; he’s not known as the Coffee God for nothing.

And none of this small teacup business. I demand my tea be served in a mug. A giant mug. With a picture of either Tigger or Eeyore on it. Okay, that last is negotiable. It could have a dragon on it or something else equally cool.

A part of me would love to be more refined. One of these days I plan on researching the Japanese tea ceremony. I want to learn how to brew a proper cup of tea to see if I taste a difference. Not that I’ll ever become a tea snob. I’m far too lazy for that, but at least I know my limitations. Right?



18 responses to “Tea for Two

  1. Hee! I’m right there with you Ana!

    The funnier thing for me is that I rarely drink tea, but I have a huge stash on hand. 😀 You know, just in case….

  2. A tea towel? Like there’s a special towel for drinking tea? Frankly, I have never been so messy I needed a towel. I’ll stick with a napkin.

    Really, I’m a black coffee kind of guy. Two large cups in the morning. But on occasion I enjoy a nice LARGE cup of Earl Gray with cream (not milk! *shudder*) and sugar, the way I learned in England, with a scone or two for breakfast. I also have been known to drink a cup of chamomile with honey, along with a cream cheese (and maybe chopped olives and sprouts) on pumpernickel sandwich. An old girl friend taught me that one.

    Bitsy tea cups make me feel I have to raise my pinky, and I won’t—WON’T—do that. A mug with a dragon would serve me just fine, thank you, Ana. 😀

  3. I have a very, very tiny kitchen. But in my tiny, tiny kitchen there is an entire cabinet dedicated to tea. I LOVE tea. I order tea online that I can’t get in the US because it’s the only kind of breakfast tea I’ll drink.

    Yea..I’m one of those people lol

    • *grins* A friend of mine (who is an even bigger tea whore than I am) orders most of her teas from an online company in Canada whose name I am completely blanking on. They have the most amazing tea blends that I’ve ever had. One was a pink grapefruit flavored tea that actually turned pink as it brewed. The other one had teeny-tiny chocolate chips and chilli powder. That one was absolutely to die for.

  4. Really, can one have too much tea? I think not. 🙂

    I’m somewhere in the middle between snob and boor, I suppose. No Lipton here (grew up on the stuff and euwww) and I do have a large collection of loose-leaf teas. I’m not adverse to bags, as long as the stuff inside them is good. They certainly are more convenient for travelling!

    I usually brew tea by the tetsubin, not the mug. And I have a collection of Japanese cups I love because when I’m writing, I forget to drink and then my tea ends up cold. If I have just a bit at a time – and the rest is staying nice and hot in the tetsubin under the quilted cozy – I’m good to go.

    • You can’t! And every time he even suggests that I have too much tea, I simply glare at him and he shuts up. He’s a wise man, he is.

      I love Lipton as a comfort tea simply because it was what I grew up on. *grin* When I’m sick or just in need of a little bit of comfort, I make a cup of Lipton’s with milk and sugar and it makes everything better.

      I will admit to not knowing what the heck a tetsubin is, but I’m certainly going to go Google it now. 😀

  5. One of my English girlfriends is a complete “tea-aholic,” and you’d swear she took lessons preparing the perfect cup of tea from her Royal Majesty, herself.

    As kids, we actually had a blind taste test. I prepared my tea by putting a teabag, adding milk, then letting it sit in the mug before pouring in the water once it was boiled.
    She used a china teacup, poured water into the cup with the teabag, let it steep, then gingerly poured in the milk.
    Her husband did the taste test. He preferred mine, and she never forgave him. “Mind you, he’s French,” she said, “so what does he know about tea?”

    She’s a sore loser.


  6. I like tea but I never gave much thought to whether it was good tea or not. And I thought the whole how it is brewed was mostly a ritual thing rather than a taste thing. I guess I have a lot to learn about tea.


    • Taste actually has a lot to do with how it’s brewed — water temperature, space for the tea leaves to spread out, steep time all have an affect on how the tea tastes. Heck, I’ve even heard people claim that the shape of the cup has an affect on the taste.

  7. I’m totally into the tea – though definitely not a tea snob. I have a pile of herbal teas, and I have mugs that I love for specific things. I have to say though – since I’ve acquired a Persian partner – I drink tea in a much different way than I used to. But I drink just as much.

    I drink all my tea black – which is odd, because I grew up in a very English family and all tea came with milk and sugar (and often, evaporated milk – comes of all of them having grown up during the war when there was no fresh milk) – that’s always a treat for me. I know, I know, disgusting.


    • I drink most of my tea black as well. The only ones that I will always put milk in is Lipton’s and a certain flavor of chai.

      Black teas get sugar and green, white, and herbal teas get honey.

  8. Wow! I really have a lot to learn. My wife tells me we have a tea ball and if I am nice, 😉 she will start my tea education. Does ice tea count? I like ice tea. And I always drink tea when eating Asian food, Oh, and i like Chai tea! We have china tea cups, too! I’m pumped!

    Thanks Ana

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  10. Hello!! Okay this might be a little weird but the green tigger mug in this picture is the EXACT mug I’ve been looking for. I bought it for my dad probably over ten years ago and he used it every day… until he broke it last month. His birthday is coming up and I’ve been searching far and wide for it. Is there any way I could buy it off of you? please email me regardless of your answer so I know you got this (sterne94@students.rowan.edu) thank you so much! I would really appreciate it!


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