A Veteran’s Day Salute

With Veteran’s Day just around the corner, I have spent some time thinking about all of those men and women who so graciously give their time, energy, and sometimes even their lives to protect their own countrymen and culture. For millennium, soldiers have fought for their beliefs and values, and in doing so, sacrificed so much. I am fascinated with and honored to know so many people who have devoted some or all of their life to the Armed Forces.

While Black Ink White Paper is a blog about writing, today I’m going to focus on film … which is the visual form of writing (as in screenplays—right?)

As some of you know, I’m a movie nut, and war-themed films are some of my favorites. I’m far from alone in my appreciation of this genre, as is evident by all of the war-related movies made over the years. Think about some of your favorite military-flavored films and why you love them.

•Gone with the Wind
•The African Queen
•The Bridge on the River Kwai
•The Alamo
•The Guns of Navarone
•Lawrence of Arabia
•The Great Escape
•The Dirty Dozen
•The Outlaw Josey Wales
•Apocalypse Now
•Full Metal Jacket
•The Last of the Mohicans
•Schindler’s List
•Saving Private Ryan
•The Thin Red Line
•Black Hawk Down
•Band of Brothers
•The Hurt Locker

It’s the mental strength of the characters more than the physical prowess that leaves me in awe. While I realize these are mainly works of fiction (although some contain elements off non-fiction), I also know that many are based on true-life heroes and events. I watch these films and am touched by what soldiers will endure to fight for their beliefs and to protect the values and people they love.

I can’t possibly thank all of the members of the Armed Forces in countries around the world for the sweat and horrors they have endured in the never ending fight for freedom and justice. I look forward to teaching my children about the reason we remember veterans and hold them in such high esteem.

What are your top three favorite war-related films (or books) and what is it about them that captures you?



9 responses to “A Veteran’s Day Salute

  1. Very nice post, Ann. Thank you.

  2. Great films you’ve listed, Ann.

    We celebrate as Remembrance Day in Canada. As a child in school, we learned to observe a minute of silence at 11 AM – though I had no clue of its significance back then.

    Now, as an adult, the meaning is clear, and it’s sad that wars are still being fought.


    • Eden, I thought there was a similar day in Canada–I have a coworker who is from Canada and has talked about Canadian life over the years. When is Remembrance Day?

      I was married to a U.S. Marine in another life. I got to see first hand how hard the military life is on families, and when the soldiers don’t come home, it’s heartbreaking. I was glad when my husband no longer was going overseas for six months at a time.

  3. The music from Last of the Mohicans can leave me breathless no matter when I hear it.

    My three favorite war movies…

    The Last Samurai

    • I forgot about Gladiator, didn’t even think about The Last Samurai (but great choice), and did think about Braveheart but haven’t seen it so I dropped it off my list (I’ve heard how sad it is and have resisted seeing it because I’m sure it will make me blubber at the end). Thanks for sharing your favs!


  4. War, something that seems to always be with us, at least since my childhood. We owe our soldiers, the ones who serve and protect, a lot. Where and who would we be today, if it weren’t for them and their sacrifice? I only wish we could do away with war.
    They are all my favorites but here are 3 to add to your list.
    Sands Of Iwo Jima
    Dancing With Wolves
    Sergeant York

    Good Post


    • Wally, I’m with you. Oh, I forgot about Dancing with Wolves–that was so good. I think I saw Sands of Iwo Jima, but not Sergeant York. I’ll have to watch that one. Thanks for adding to my list!


  5. My favorite war story of all time was never made into a movie – though many of his other books (including The Guns of Navarone) were. H.M.S. Ulysses by Alistair MacLean. I fell in love with this book many years ago – and still think it’s one of the clearest depictions of the agony of war I’ve ever encountered.


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