Finding Your Smile…

For almost a month, I’ve been undergoing medical tests and doctor appointments. The problem is serious, though not life threatening. It’s just a lot of sometimes invasive tests that will lead to very invasive surgery to fix it… It’s draining, it’s depressing, and because of the upcoming (at some point in the future after more tests) surgery, scary.

I’ve been moody (ask my friends and family!) and teary and pretty much in a very blue and stressed out mood for weeks.

Today, though, I realized I still have to find a reason to smile, no matter how stupid it is. And I highly suggest everyone do this, because it really did brighten up the rest of my dreadful day, just because I took a second to really smile.

I’m walking back to my car in the hospital parking lot after yet another test, and for some reason looked up as I walked behind an SUV. I burst out laughing.

My daughter and I have made fun of those silly little stickers that families tend to put on the back of (usually) their family minivans that look like stick-figure families. Okay, we think they’re dumb, would not put them on our vehicles. Today I saw one I would stick on my car. Very cool. Love zombies. Wish I could have thanked that car owner for the mood lightener.

Try to find your smile. It makes a world of difference. Trust me, I know!

Anna Leigh


5 responses to “Finding Your Smile…

  1. We have two choices, Anna Leigh: We can either let life overcome us, or we can overcome life. The biggest hurdles are the most challenging, but we become greater by surmounting them. After all—please forgive me if I sound preachy—life is growth. As scary as surgery may be—and I have had my share—the fact remains there is a solution. I’m so glad.

    BTW, any idea where I can find some zombie stickers for my F-150?

    • Thank you Raymond. Things are getting better. I am a worrier, therefore, I wind up sinking into the doldrums very easily. With help of my family, life is looking up again, and I’m smiling more.

      I WISH I knew where to get the zombies. I will keep you posted if I ever locate them 

  2. So, sorry to here the bad news. But you are on the right track, smiles really do brighten up your day. 🙂 And it’s about the only thing we have control over, hard as it is to do sometimes.


  3. Anna Leigh, as someone who has gone through illness and surgeries, it’s changed my life in many ways — some of it bad, but most of it good.

    The good stems from knowing that life itself is valuable, but the quality of life is what WE choose to make of it. As simple as it sounds, a smile adds to that quality.

    I hope things get better very soon. Sending you big hugs.


  4. *laughs* That is a great photo. I do love the silly zombie take on things.

    *hugs* Hope things get better soon. That’s exhausting and I know what you mean about worrying.


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