My Office Got Punked!

Steampunked that is. My husband and I spent months working on designing my new office. It’s a room that has been a garage, a child care room, my son’s bedroom — now it will be a private writing space for me. I’m convinced if I have my own room, I’ll be more productive. At least that’s my hope.

We started with a pretty blank canvas. We left the pocket doors that divided the room, and kept the pine wall. We added a pine wood floor, and then began to search for the perfect furniture. I wanted a Victorian style library, with book shelves and a desk for my computer. I kept the antique typewriter, but only for looks, I prefer writing on the new-fangled computer. I needed a file cabinet and hoped there’d be room for a comfortable reading chair.

On a trip to Portland for an antique show I found an oak desk, a gorgeous lamp from 1910 and the much desired antique oak file cabinet. A book case, sized perfectly for the small room has cupboards that will only open with skeleton keys, which delights me and fits with the steampunk theme.

A chair upholstered in a paisley print, a Persian carpet, curtains and rods with finials that are glass balls finished off the room. I had an antique clock my Mom gave me years ago, and now I finally had the perfect place to display it.

But — I had one expanse of blank wall that really needed some art. Not just any art though, it had to be the perfect thing to fit my theme. Fortunately, at Steamcon III in October, I discovered the perfect pieces in Artist’s Alley. Aimee Stewart is an artist I’ve admired for several years, and she had prints for sale and one exquisite print in the silent auction.

Waiting for the silent auction to end was excruciating. I hovered over the artwork, ready to beat off any other bidders. Then the auction finally ended, and “Captain Persephone” was all mine. I asked for framing as my Christmas present, and now I have the perfect place to inspire me.

I’m so happy to have a room of my own!

Deborah Schneider

Link: Aimee Stewart
Find my first steampunk short story, “No Ordinary Love” — (writing as Sibelle Stone)


12 responses to “My Office Got Punked!

  1. Yay, Deb! It’s gorgeous and the print is stunning. Happy writing!!!

  2. Hi Lisa and KB. Thanks, I love Aimee Stewart’s work. I dream of having her work on one of my covers someday. She’s amazing!

  3. Gorgeous! You must be thrilled that’s it’s finally finished!

  4. Love it Deb! Finally after all this time…you have earned it. I love the art as well. Have you met the artist?

  5. It looks fabulous! You know, the last time I did anything to my office was fifteen years ago. Maybe it’s time again…

  6. Shellee, I did meet the artist at Steamcon. I was so thrilled. She’s a very nice person, which is what I would expect from someone who creates such amazing art.

    Eden, I am thrilled it’s done. It took so longggggg…. but my husband is a perfectionist, and he did catch my “dream” — so I can’t complain.

    Eilis, the beautiful space makes me want to write. And everything I need, (my notebooks and reference books) are within reach. All I need is a small table for my notebook while I write… and my hubby has agreed to build me one.

  7. Wonderful space, Deb! And you clearly have a wonderful, caring husband. Antique typewriters are becoming rarer but, yes, a computer’s the way to go. Isn’t it convenient to be able to pick up a paragraph and put it where you want it. Congratulations and Happy Holidays.

  8. Very very fun. How cool to be able to create a dreamspace to work in. (Someday I would like to have an office with a secret entrance behind a bookshelf!)

  9. HI Raymond. My husband really, really loves to decorate. You can’t see the other side of the room, which is his “man-cave” — there are what he calls “mounts” and I call “dead things” — he takes it very seriously. But he does a great job. Happy holiday to you too!

    Naomi, it is wonderful to have my own space. Now to just get more writing done. So many ideas, so little time! And I love your idea of a secret entrance. I wanted to put this on a sign outside my door, “Nobody Sees the Wizard, Not No-How, Not No-Way!”

  10. Deb, that painting is gorgeous! As is that chair. I am very envious.

    My husband and I are currently converting one of our rooms into an office for me and I’m impatient to get to the actual decorating part. This whole sanding 140 years worth of paint off the woodwork is killing me!

  11. Skeleton keys? Lucky! Have fun in your new office! 😀

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