Procrastination Station

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the stores, Ana was still shopping for presents, gotta find just a few more. Some years this is a true story. I am a world-class procrastinator when it comes to shopping. Especially shopping for holiday presents. I just started my holiday shopping this Wednesday and, like I do every year, I’m kicking myself in the pants for waiting so long.

With thirteen young nieces and nephews and two more on the way for next Christmas, I know I should spread the shopping out over the course of the year, but that means making a concerted effort to actually… **gag**… go shopping more often! I hate shopping. I hates it! The people, the noise, the

Thankfully, I have my sister in law who is practically a professional shopper. On Wednesday, we hit four stores in under three hours and bought enough toys to fill the back of her Explorer. And it didn’t cost me a fortune either. (I even found a couple of books for myself. Shh… don’t tell Santa.)

The funny part of all this is that I LOVE the gift-giving season. I love watching all the kids open their presents with their eyes wide and their mouths hanging open. Their giggles and cries of delight. The eventual mini-skirmishes as one of them inevitably wants to play with somebody else’s toy.

If only my favorite stores had online presences so I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my house. Or, maybe next year I’ll just hire my sister in law to do my shopping for me. Now there’s an idea!

Ana Ramsey

7 responses to “Procrastination Station

  1. Hate shopping? Are you sure you’re a girl? 😀 I thought shopping was something hard-wired.

    I don’t mean to sound disparaging towards either you or women in general. I love the sex. More important, respect you all. That’s one reason I joined this predominantly female blog. The feminine viewpoint, where men often display an emotional disconnect, provides an invaluable balance. But for a hairdresser like myself, who has spent virtually every day of the last thirty-six years listening to women, I must say I’ve never heard this before!

    That said, your nieces and nephews smiles will be the nicest Christmas present of all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. *blushes* I’m so embarrassed… I sent Kate the wrong (incomplete) version. The last line of the second paragraph should read — The people, the noise, the bright lights, and everything else.

    • Don’t be embarrassed. Until you said something, I thought all that was lacking was an ellipsis, as though you had broken off, in place of “etc.”

  3. I hate shopping too—with a passion. I rarely go into malls, but when I do, it’s with the express purpose to go in, buy, and get the hell out.

    At this time of year, the crowds and browsers drive me crazy, and I’m thankful to be able to shop on weekdays.


  4. I, however, absolutely LOVE shopping – and luckily my partner also loves it. In fact, he might love it more than me – maybe because he grew up with six older sisters?


  5. Yes, Kate does LOVE shopping. Maybe you should hire her next year. She never misses a good sale or a bargain either. (And even makes some friends carry her shoes… er… bargains all the way across the country.)
    I’m not fond of Christmas shopping in general, because of the noise and crowds. Thankfully — everything I needed to buy this year was on Amazon or can be sent in an envelope. (A check).

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