End of the Year Gratitude

Mine is the last Black Ink, White Paper post of 2011. I want to dedicate it to all of the fantastic people in my life.

First of all, I’m so very grateful for the insistent voice in the back of my skull that told me I had to introduce myself to Katy. Without that introduction, I wouldn’t be writing this post nor would I have met all of you wonderful people. Katy is an amazing person, writer, and all around beautiful soul.

I’m grateful for my husband who is one of the most patient and supportive people I have ever met. He is my grounding stone and my guiding light. There are days when I fear that without him I’d be like that crazy cat-lady on The Simpsons.

And I’m also grateful for my biological family. I encountered some Facebook drama the day after Christmas which had a person I went to grade school with calling my family “white trash”. It really cut me deeply because, while my family is a strange mix of daytime soap opera and a Jerry Springer show, they’re all truly good people who go out of their way to help whenever and however they can.

I went out on submission to publishers in November and have received several very positive rejections. I wouldn’t have made it this far without my fabulous agent or my ever wonderful beta readers/ critique partners. I also wouldn’t have made it this far with my wits intact if it weren’t for Lisa DiDio. She has been a wonderful submission buddy. I know I can email her if I’m having a weird paranoid freak-out and she’ll *get it* and be able to say the right thing to calm me down.

My friends and family of the spirit have held me and comforted me and cheered me on through all of the ups and downs of this past year. They are all a bunch of really hoopy froods.

Thank you to all of the members of Black Ink, White Paper for welcoming me and making me feel like part of the group. I learn so much from all of you.

And lastly, I probably wouldn’t be writing if it weren’t for all of the great writers who came before me and who inspired me to emulate them. Here’s to those who dared to dream big and put their hearts and souls out there in the form of beautiful stories for us to read.

Ana Ramsey


10 responses to “End of the Year Gratitude

  1. *big hugs* I’m so glad we met too!! You are awesome. ❤


  2. Grateful you joined us. BTW, re the Facebook incident: there is something fundamentally wrong with someone who needs to publicly hurt someone else. Be glad you don’t live in his/her head, rather in your own wonderful, caring, creative one. Happy New Year.

  3. Right back atcha, Ana! I think it should be a rule, like that old preschool adage – Always hold hands with a buddy when you’re going outside of the school yard fence.

    Always hold hands with a buddy when you’re going out on submissions.

    I’m so glad you’re mine. 😀


  4. Sniff, sniff…great to be writing with you too Ana. Best to you for 2012.

  5. I hope the coming year brings you a sale, much happiness, a new story and… as for those mean minded people who made you feel bad… Well, they weren’t your friends anyway.


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