Guest blogger – Nancy Hundal

Please join us in welcoming our guest this week – Nancy Hundal. I got to meet Nancy through a mutual friend (who also happens to be one of my beta readers) and I knew that any friend of Ardella’s would be a whole lot of fun to be around. And I was right.

We asked Nancy a whole bunch of questions and her answers are below. I’m sure you’ll laugh out loud at some places – I did.


What is your day like? On a good working day? On a bad working day? And how do you cope with the bad ones?

Most of my days consist of momming and teaching; a few days are singing, and even fewer are writing. I need to work on that; not a great pattern for a writer. But there’s only so much of me to go around….check that, I just looked down. There’s plenty of me to go around, but I still don’t get to writing as often as I’d like…

On those writing days where things are not going smoothly, I either just keep going, bludgeoning my way through the block, or give up in disgust and reward myself for said behaviour by eating something I shouldn’t.

Tell us a little bit about your workspace.

I work in the basement…dark and quiet. Until now I have shared a computer with my teenaged son, which required much arm-wrestling to determine whose turn it was on the computer. But!! I was given a laptop for Christmas, so my wrestling days are over. Complete computer control, 24/7…will I write more? That remains to be seen.

If you had a perfect day, what would it be?

Getting up really late, but then having the clock magically flip backwards so it was actually very early. Some reading, some writing, some singing, out for dinner with my family. Maybe someone would go shopping for me and find me a great new outfit, and my cat would definitely NOT bring me a dead mouse or bird as a gift.

What turns you on creatively?

Reading other peoples’ great writing. When I’m reading a novel that I admire, I continually flip to the author’s photo on the back jacket to look at the face of the person who can do such wonderful things with words.

Who do you most admire in your field (or in general) and why?

Sharon Creech and  Kate DiCamillo, both fabulous kids’ writers. I admire them because their books are filled with meaty ideas and interesting characters, with plots that pull you along effortlessly. I just read a new book, “Because of Mr. Terupt”, by Ron Buyea, and he can do the same thing!

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

I’m also a teacher-librarian. My two jobs complement each other beautifully. I’m always reading new books to introduce to kids at school, and this helps so much with my writing life.  If I were to be something completely different? I think that would be studying the brain and how it works…or how it sometimes doesn’t, in my case.

Tell us a little about your working process.

Turn on computer, reread story since I’ve usually left it so long that I need to figure out what the heck the book is actually about, write a little, check my email, write a little, check Facebook, write a little, get some tea, write a little…you’re getting the picture?

What is one thing you want to do before you die?

See more of the world.

What is your favorite saying?  

Pardon me? (I have a hearing loss).

What’s the one thing that drives you crazy? At work? At home? In general?

When the computer asks me if I want to save the change in a file I’m closing and I don’t think I made any changes to it…so should I save it and risk possible horrendous loss of writing, or not save it, and risk possible horrendous loss of writing?

What’s your favorite book? Movie? Painting? Musician? Album?

I can never decide on an absolute favourite; too restrictive. But amongst my favourites are Water for Elephants (book), Rod Stewart, paintings that are crazy-colourful and cheery. I’m feeling quite cheered right now, actually, as I notice the word ‘album” has been used in this question, and that makes me think that I’m not the only one who remembers what an album actually is. I’d be feeling even better if the word had been ‘record’.

 Where’s your favorite place in the world? Why? 

I thought about that for a while, but I guess I don’t have one. Picking favourites is too hard for me; I keep thinking and rethinking, making sure it’s my absolute favourite. One of my favourites is the Oregon Coast, because it’s so wild and thunderous and windy and lonely.

Nancy Hundal


8 responses to “Guest blogger – Nancy Hundal

  1. You’re right, Kate, Nancy is a hoot, nice to meet you here!

  2. Nice to meet you, Nancy. Thanks for dropping by and sharing. Maybe we’ll see you ’round this propinquity yet again. 🙂

  3. Welcome aboard, Nancy… looking forward to hearing more from you.

    And thank you, Raymond. For the new word!


  4. Nancy – great to have you with us. I’m always fascinated by different processes (is that how you spell that word?). And I love the photos, mostly because I know where they are!


  5. *laughs* Thanks Nancy for those great answers! It was a treat to have you on the blog.


  6. Raymond, are you playing with your new dictionary you got for Christmas?

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