Road Block

There are some times on the road of life when you hit a wall and have to change direction. I am, apparently, at that point. Several incidents over the past few days have made it painfully obvious that I need to rethink the path I’m following. I’m no longer moving forward, I’m just sitting and stagnating. And that, to me, is unacceptable.

There are habits and thought processes I need to break down and re-assess. There are aspects of my nature I need to analyze and dissect.

I feel like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon around myself in order to transform into a butterfly. The changes I’m contemplating are in direct opposition to my innermost nature and, to be completely honest, I’m terrified. It’s going to be messy, painful, and hard work, but I know it will make me a healthier and stronger person. There will be lots tears and swearing and chocolate and alcohol. My poor husband will be therapist, comforter, punching bag, and cheerleader all in one. (I hope he’s up for it. Again.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through this (and it probably won’t be the last) so I have a relatively good idea of what to expect. Of course, forging new paths is always a unique experience and there are always hidden turns and unexpected pitfalls. I just need to stay determined and keep plodding along one step at a time.

If all goes well, I should break out of my chrysalis and fly away, free of the shackles that bind me to where I am today.

*breathes in deep and takes the first step onto a new path*

Ana Ramsey


12 responses to “Road Block

  1. Life is a series of metamorphoses. I’ve been trough many of my own, some more traumatic than others. Just remember: if you want your life to change, you have to change. Best of luck, my dear. In the end, you will emerge a butterfly.

  2. Ana, sending good thoughts your way. It’s never easy, and I can’t imagine what it’s like in your shoes.

    Here’s hoping you persevere and take many more steps after that first one en route to something new and wonderful.

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  4. Let your journey be a fruitful one, a path to a new and bright future.


  5. Ana,

    What a touching and honest portrayal of the chrysalis journey. The key ingredient is intention and yours is obviously sincere and open to whatever form your personal unfoldment may take. I wish you well. I find it helps to know that we are not alone when we enter such transformational territory. May your experience bring you what you seek in a compassionate and fulfilling manner.


  6. Metamorphosis is hard and scary, but in the end, you get a shiny new pair of wings. *hugs*

    And as Hoggle says: “If ever you should need us…”

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