Make Time

It’s a frigid Northwest morning, and I’m tucked away behind my desk with the fireplace blazing. This is after I had to go out for a little while to do errands in high winds and whiteout conditions, and I really don’t want to have to leave again today!

Time to get back to work!

I’m diving into writing again (something deeper than short stories and novellas that was most of my 2011 writing) and it feels good! Getting back into the groove hasn’t been easy, a little frustrating at times working around husband and daughter’s schedules, especially when the weather turns all crappy and school is closed.

Work is coming along on my next co-authored book. Slowly and painfully at times, but its going. And I’m deeply editing one of my out-of-print books so I can offer it for sale again. I have a list of writing related things to accomplish, and I’m working my way through that list. I might be done by Thanksgiving. *grin* The writing goals for the year are set, I’ve started gathering my paperwork for tax season (We all love this, don’t we???), and we’re planning a spring break get-away with the family. I’ll need a break by March, I’m sure!

I seem to be lacking any inspirational words of wisdom today. The voices in my head are shouting at me to stop writing this stuff and get back to them. *grin* I can say, though, that it is possible to make time to write if you’re determined enough. I have plenty of things to pull me away, but I’ve promised myself I will focus. If you have to shove the spouse out of the house, send the kids to their room (which I did on snow days this week) then do it. Make it clear to your family and friends that you need to do what you need to do and if they love you, they’ll leave you alone. The housecleaning and whatever else will still be there when you’re ready.

Wishing you all a warm, safe and writing-filled week!

Anna Leigh


3 responses to “Make Time

  1. I’m writing in fits and starts, as well, but having goals is important. They not only measure one’s progress, but also, for me when the joy of writing isn’t enough—the carrot—provide the stick—guilt. 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’re moving forward which is the most important thing, Anna.
    Keep at it.

  3. Without goals, most of us would never finish a writing project. There is always something else that needs doing. Writing with a partner helps–you can kick each others butt when someone gets lazy. Like Raymond said, guilt can be a stick and a carrot.


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