Just Do It!

I don’t like change. Really don’t like it at all. Never have.

Lately my world has been a constant, changing whirlwind that is making me a little nuts, and writing around all that change is making me even more nuts.

Husband’s work schedule, even snow days where my daughter is home for almost a week straight. Urgent, unexpected work at my day job, and appointments of one kind or another to keep that seem to keep piling up.

Among the daily changes of just living, I’m making decisions about major changes in my writing life.

Okay, I must admit some changes can be exciting, but most of all I want to huddle under my shell and hide.

I can say that my focus has increased about a million-fold in the last month or so. In order to write, I have to close out the rest of the world and just do it. Not easy when your office is in the middle of the living room, I’ll tell you.

Writing is, by far, other than the health and wellbeing of my family—and they can pretty much fend for themselves, no matter what they think—the most important thing in my life. It’s my career. It’s what I’ve spent the last almost decade working at.

Right now, I feel as if I’m graduating college and have to decide where to go, what to do. Opportunities are knocking, but making the decisions needed—making the changes needed—are terrifying!

But I’m a brave little girl, and I’ll make it. I will! I’ll do all that needs to be done and I’ll make those changes. And I’ll survive.

Pray for me???


Anna Leigh

7 responses to “Just Do It!

  1. You’re right. Change is a difficult thing. So much easier to maintain the status quo, keep tomorrow the same as yesterday. It’s also boring.

    Hang on. Enjoy the ride as you reinvent yourself. Best of luck.

  2. I’ll be praying for you, Anna Leigh! And cheering you on. Change can be so hard when you’re going through it, but exhilarating when you get out the other side. I know you can do it. *waves my pom-poms*

  3. I’m with Ana, I’ll be doing my high kicks cheering you on!

  4. Remember to roll with the punches. Change is tough but you can doit.
    we are all in your corner.

    Wally 😉

  5. Joining the cheering section… Go, Anna Leigh, GO! *cartwheels*


  6. Right there with you Anna! Annoying when life intrudes on our life. 😀


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