I know three people born on Valentine’s Day

If you were hoping for a post about romance and love today, you can probably find that on about 2 million other blogs. Here on Black Ink White Paper, we’re going to talk about Valentine’s Day babies.

How many people do you know whose birthdays fall on Valentine’s Day? I know three, and every year I look forward to finding out how they plan to spend their February 14th.

What’s it like to have a birthday on a romantic holiday? Do you get twice the gifts from your lover? Do you feel twice as lonely if you have no one to celebrate with? Do you have birthday cake or do you have chocolates packed into a heart-shaped box? Do you go out for a quiet dinner where you gaze into each your lover’s eyes and speak in sonnets, and then have the wait-people come out from the kitchen singing and clapping for you? Do you celebrate with a romantic date and bring your family along to watch you blow out the birthday candles and shower you with presents?

Both of my kids’ birthdays are in February. Apparently, May is a fertile time of year for me, and due to that fact, my husband still shies away from me the whole month of May no matter how gussied up I get. If I even start acting romantic, a sheen of perspiration forms on his suddenly pale face. My son was born on Abe Lincoln’s birthday. Two years later, I wanted to bring my daughter in the world on George Washington’s birthday, which was her projected date of birth. I loved the idea of each kid sharing that special day with two great United States presidents. Being that I was going to need a C-section for my daughter, I proudly told family and friends that I was going to have two presidential babies. But about a month before she was scheduled to come out, my doctor told me he was taking a Mediterranean cruise on Washington’s birthday so I had to pick from one of two other days for her birthday—either Lincoln’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. Then the question became, do we have our kids share a birthday (along with Abe Lincoln), or do we have a Valentine’s Day baby. The doctor gave me a week to make a decision about a day that would have great meaning in my daughter’s world her whole life. A week! And I thought picking a name was tough. If we chose Lincoln’s birthday, would our kids grow to resent us for making them share everything, including their birthdays? Or would it be something fun they shared, besides a mom and dad? My husband was of the opinion that sharing a birthday would be easiest for all involved—one party every year. Period. We’d save on decoration costs. Being almost nine months pregnant and full of hormones, I couldn’t make a decision. Then my doctor called and told me I could either be in the operating room numb from the chest down and ready to have a baby at 7 a.m. on Valentine’s Day, or I could hold that baby in for two additional weeks until he returned from his lovely cruise.

My daughter is the third person I know who has a birthday on Valentine’s Day.

Do you know any holiday babies?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


7 responses to “I know three people born on Valentine’s Day

  1. Just posted a HB wish on FB to the one Valentine’s Day baby I know. I certainly hope it’s a good day for her and not like having one’s B’Day fall on Christmas.

  2. Thanks, Raymond. She’s pretty excited. She’s five now, and fully gets both the fun of Valentine’s Day and her birthday. 🙂

  3. I know one – a girlfriend of mine, and she’s a real romantic so it’s perfect she was born on this day.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone here at BIWP xoxox

  4. Valentine’s Day is a bitter-sweet day in my family. My grandmother, my sister-in-law, and a family friend are all born on Valentine’s Day, but my sister-in-law’s first child was still-born on this day. It certainly drives home the point that love brings not only happiness, but pain and sadness as well.

  5. I don’t know any Valentine’s babies, but I know one born on Halloween. She loved it as a kid as all the houses were decorated for HER birthday. Now, it’s a little harder to get the party going…


  6. I’m not aware of any of my who were born on Valentine’s Day.
    I wonder how many babies are conceived on Valentine’s Evening?
    Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone


  7. I wish I could use the Facebook equivalent of “Like” here as I read through each message. A Halloween birthday would kind of be fun, but nobody would want to come to your party unless it was Halloween-based, I’d guess. Ana, that’s a bittersweet comment. Sorry to hear that. Thanks to all who commented and Happy Valentines Day! Ann

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