My writers’ group

I’m a loner. I love quiet times at home, or traveling with my daughter and/or hubby. I feel, most of the time, that I really don’t need anyone, and my career is my career, and I can handle it on my own.

I think this way most of the time, and I get irritated when someone (she knows who she is) pushes me to attend writer-related things. Demands I attend our RWA (Romance Writer’s of America) meetings, and participate in events put on by our RWA chapter.

When I joined RWA some decade ago, I got involved in the online groups, and avoided any in-person groups. They were all right. I learned a lot about the writing process, the publishing process, and gained the bravery to send out my first few submissions. I could be involved, but still unseen.

But then there are nights like last night. We had an event at the Vancouver Public Library, one we have every year around Valentine’s, and because I’m rather shy and have major anxieties about talking to a group of people, I work the book sales table—so I only have to talk to people one-on-one.

It was a long day, and it’s over an hour drive home from Vancouver, but I felt good when I got home. Being surrounded by other writers, new ones, experienced ones, people that still have that special sparkle of loving their writing, loving everything about the process, really revitalized me. I felt good, and came home feeling a little more focused on writing.

I’m not saying I’m not going to bemoan having to go to meetings and when the woman who will remain unnamed is pushing me to attend events, but I’ll try to remember that if I open myself up and take in the “feel” of the group, remind myself that I really do still love what I do just like all these other people, and it really is more than a job…

I hope everyone can find a positive group of fellow writers to surround them, at least once in a while, and give them that emotional push to keep going when the going gets too tough and you want to give up. There’s really something to be said about human contact…even for those of use who doing like much of it.

PS, there’s really no rhyme or reason behind the picture today, I just love it, and harbors have always intrigued me. This one is right next to the restaurant where our RWA chapter is having their Valentine’s luncheon this weekend. Now that is always a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Anna Leigh

3 responses to “My writers’ group

  1. I’m envious you have writers’ groups to participate in. Santa Fe is such a small town—85,000—either the groups worth joining are fully subscribed, or those with spots open are at such an elementary level, I have to hire editors to read my stuff.

  2. If you can find a group that fits you, by that I mean a group that has some attendees at about the same level of experience as yourself and others above your pay grade, a writing group is a great resource. I write with a partner and that has some of the benefits of a writing group, okay a small group. My point is, we can all learn new tricks, new techniques and it’s nice to have other eyes reading our new stuff.


  3. I think I know who you’re talking about, Ana Leigh. She made me go to PNWA, and I’m very glad she did. 🙂

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