Spring Fever

I grew up in Alaska, and every year about this time, cabin fever set in. I’m not sure that term is used outside of Alaska, because I’ve heard it called spring fever here.

Unlike Alaska, though, living in the Pacific Northwest isn’t like living in the frigid North. Here, even in December, one can go out for a walk without worrying about frostbite or the fact that there’s only about an hour of daylight, even on a non-freeze-your-toes-off day. In Alaska, as soon as it starts getting lighter longer and the mean temperature hovers around freezing, the itch sets in. You want to go do stuff, but it’s still a little too cold. And there’s way too much snow unless you are into the winter sports, and putting on a pair of bunny boots to go for a walk is a real pain in the butt! (See picture if you don’t know what bunny boots are…not many non-Alaskans or non-military have ever seen them, but they’re standard attire at -50 degrees in Fairbanks, Alaska.)

But I’ve lived in the Northwest for almost a decade, and the weird thing is, I still get cabin fever. It’s different now that I’m an adult, though. It’s not so much a need to go outside, because as I stated, I do get out on a regular basis here all winter long, it’s deeper than that.

First, I have an urge to get as much work done as I possibly can in the shortest time possible. I think this stems from dealing with a slight seasonal disorder where I spend November through January in a bit of a funk. As that slight depression lifts, it’s time to go, as if I’ve started taking speed. Only, my body doesn’t always want to keep up with my brain, which is a big disappointment at times!

Secondly, I start thinking about vacation. Where are we going, what to see, how long we’ll be gone. As soon as the weather warms, I want to go! This year we’ll be in Washington state on the coast for a few days for spring break, then over on Vancouver Island for a few more, and summer will be in Alaska, as it is every other year. See, it’s not even the end of February and most of my yearly traveling is planned. We actually started planning spring break 2013 already, just because this year’s was too easy of a plan.

So, spring fever has set in for me, and I’m hitting the work hard. I have my list of things to get done before Summer, and I plan to actually make the goal this year.

Hope the year ahead has you motivated!

Anna Leigh

3 responses to “Spring Fever

  1. I’m with you Anna! Can’t believe it’s already March – must get to work!


  2. Our cats get cabin fever. We keep them in because of the cold and wind and the fact the coyotes come down out of the hills in the winter. They have a great appetite for feline cuisine. The only thing I can’t do in the winter is go out for power walks. In December, however, I bought an elliptical trainer so I won’t have so much middle to shed in the spring.

  3. Spring brings new life, and the urge to bring to fruition all that “stuff” you thought up in the winter. If your list is too short Anna, I can lend you some of mine. I too suffer from “my eyes are bigger than my belly” syndrome… urrr… My Alligator List over loads my Humming Bird as… urrr… that’s not right… You know what I mean. 😉

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