The other day my friend and fellow writer, Angus Vieira, announced he was going to stay in Portland, move down there. You see, Angus went to Portland in November of last year, 2011, to baby sit his old roommate’s bunny rabbit while she was touring Vietnam. That in its self should qualify Angus as a special friend in most people’s book. Not many people could or would uproot their life for two months—that was how long he planed to be gone—to babysit a bunny rabbit.  But Angus is a special guy!

Did I mention the roommate’s an exotic-dancer and that the bunny rabbit has no ears—I guess the mother rabbit gnawed them off… accidentally, of course.  Confused? Maybe I should explain, see, once the roommate, being a compassionate sort—as most exotic-dancers are, according to Angus—was caught up in the grip of an overwhelming urge to adopt this tiny earless bunny, once she laid eyes on it. And Angus, caught up in an overwhelming urge to help out his friend, the exotic dancer, by becoming an earless bunny’s protector and provider, did the right thing.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah…

Angus is a special guy! He likes to let people know up front, he’s a nudist, a Buddhist, a poet, a sometimes pagan and a confirmed bachelor. What he fails to mention, is his best trait, so I will, he’s a trusted friend you can rely on in a pinch—the guy you can call at 3: a.m. to go your bail, and he won’t hang up. Or, if you’re an exotic-dancer, a guy you can call on to babysit your earless bunny! But again, I digress…

Actually, I was going to miss not having my old friend close at hand—there is never a dull moment when Angus is around. Without him here, there would be an empty spot in my circle of friends. Something I dread seeing more and more as I and my friends grow older. I actually worry about my shrinking community. I’m not talking about the larger community of man, or Seattle, or the neighborhood. I’m talking about “MY” community,

my circle of friends and relatives. It’s shrinking—people moving away, people dying… and let’s face it, I don’t get around, as much as I used to—a late night is 11:30, lately. Belva and I live in an apartment. In the two years we’ve lived there, I’ve met a couple of the neighbors… but I don’t know them… very seldom ever see them—none of them are in my circle.

What was I doing wrong? I’m a friendly guy. I belong to all the right social networking groups—Face Book, Twitter, Linked In.  I know hundreds of people, from all over the world. I spend hours and hours every day on my computer, answering email, Face Book messages, working on Belva’s List, writing blogs, writing screenplays, mentoring screenwriters…

Suddenly it dawned on me… I realized that, Angus’s announced move was my wakeup call!  I was allowing myself to be confined to an ever shrinking circle of friends; while he was joining a new circle of friends, becoming a part of a new community and at the same time remaining connected to his Seattle friends.  I either have to adopt an earless bunny rabbit, or Belva and I have to get out and Party More!


3 responses to “Community

  1. …or you could adopt an exotic dancer! I dated one once and Angus is right—they are very compassionate people.

    As for community, we all need to foster it. It doesn’t just happen. It can shrink, and not just due to age-related conditions like resting under the grass. Here in NM, especially because several of us live way out in the countryside, a few of us have made a point of organizing a boys night out. I’m getting together with another friend for a scotch tasting soon and my wife has joined a quilters’ guild. You have to take steps.

    Last point: have you noticed you have just described a fascinating set of characters for a screenplay?

  2. Wally, definitely agree with Ray on the screenplay — what a great cast of characters! A nudist Buddhist, an earless rabbit, and an exotic dancer — hello? This is up the alley of a Coen brothers movie!


  3. Nudist Buddhist? There’s a poem waiting to happen. 🙂

    Wally, I always get a laugh out of your posts. I can’t wait to see one of your scripts hit the big screen!

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