Spring has sprung!

Feel the breath of life whispering in the breeze
The sun warms, the snow melts
And the pulsing heartbeat of the Earth
Rumbles beneath your feet

Okay, it’s not my best poem, but it’s been many years since I wore my poet’s hat. Spring always gets my creative juices flowing faster than normal and I spend many days feeling like I’m in the Buffy episode Once More With Feeling because I just want to burst out in song for the tiniest thing. My brain goes crazy with ideas and I just can’t keep up. I usually do my best work in the Spring and it’s also when I write the most (as evidenced by the 10k words I wrote with stunning ease last week).

It also makes me antsy to get out of the house and DO ALL THE THINGS! I have a list of almost a dozen different projects that I want to get done and can’t decide which to do first. Should I build the retaining wall around the back end of my flower garden? Or should I widen the slate path? Regrade the lawn? Fix the concrete walkways? Thankfully (for my sanity if nothing else), some of the items on the list have time, equipment, or monetary restrictions on them. I can’t transplant or thin the flowerbeds until later in the year and grinding out stumps requires hiring somebody who owns and knows how to operate a stump grinder.

As the plants start to grow and sprout, my brain seems to do the exact same thing. I shake off Winter’s lethargy and become re-energized both in mind and body. Despite my love of Summer’s warmth, Spring is definitely my favorite season.



5 responses to “Spring has sprung!

  1. *laughs* Oh, great. Now I have to dig out the soundtrack of “Once More With Feeling”. 🙂

    I’m right there with you – so much to do, so little time. But the writing is blooming beautifully, and so are my columbines. Yay, spring!


    • *giggles* I would say I’m sorry, but I’d be lying. 😉

      And yay, Spring! I just wish it would warm up a *teensy* bit more so my nose doesn’t run the entire time I’m outside doing work.

  2. I think it was Ogden Nash who said it best:

    Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
    I wonder where the birdie is?

    There he is up in the sky,
    He dropped some whitewash in my eye!

    I‘m alright, I won’t cry,
    I’m just glad that cows can’t fly!

  3. raymondbolton

    “And the pulsing heartbeat of the Earth
    Rumbles beneath your feet”

    Many, many years ago a friend and I hiked up into the back country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Even though we were far from civilization, far from any river and there was no wind through the trees, we were perplexed because there was a continual roar all around us. At one point, we ran across a seasoned hiker—from the abundance of silver in his hair, a seasoned man. When we commented on the noise, he said to us, “Look around you. Do you know what these mountains are made of? What you are hearing is the sound of billions upon billions tons of granite crushing itself to dust under its own weight!”

    Not really relevant to Spring, but your verse brought to mind this image. 🙂

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