Driving Through Rainbows

Last week, as I drove home from work I had the unusual opportunity to drive through a series of rainbows. The rain was falling in a unique pattern that kept putting the rainbows across the road, one after another.

It made me nearly giddy with delight and the drive in a storm was made more pleasant by that realization.

Isn’t life a lot like that? You can be slogging through your day, trying to get everything on your “to do” list done, scrambling to make deadlines, attend meetings, finish projects. Then suddenly—something happens that turns into a “rainbow”.

At work, that’s often a moment to enjoy a joke, trade a favorite story or give someone a “high five” for an accomplishment. We’ve realized that all the little moments of doing what Larry David would call a “Stop and Chat” can add up to happiness breaks.

At home we try to make sure we build in fun even on days when the chores seem endless. My husband likes to sit out on our back porch and enjoy a libation. He calls it “beer-30”. My son will wander through the gardens, just enjoying the smell of the earth and the new growth.

I have a severe addiction to magazines. My favorite guilty pleasure is the supply of fashion and gossip magazines my daughter-in-law provides for me. A cup of coffee and half an hour to find out what the celebrities are wearing gives me a gossip fix.

Then we have our games, either on our Wii or old-fashioned board games. When we need to talk, out comes the Monopoly board. It takes a long time to play a complete round of Monopoly. And you can get caught up on what’s happening in your children’s lives.

But, my favorite rainbow moments are now spent with my darling Sophia, who is already a toddler at eighteen months old. She loves reading books, scribbling with markers and I recently  introduced her to blowing bubbles.

And a bubble is really just a rainbow captured for a moment in a round container.

What are your rainbow moments?

Deborah Schneider


6 responses to “Driving Through Rainbows

  1. raymondbolton

    Years ago, when I was obtaining my glider pilot’s license, we were flying thermals, the rising columns of air that form clouds. To do so, when our instruments indicated we were gaining altitude, we flew back and forth until we located the thermal’s general parameters, then held a turn to stay within its bounds, like hawks or other soaring birds do, until it carried us upwards.

    As we were nearing the base of a cumulus cloud—the kind that look like cotton balls—it began to rain, even though it was a clear, sunny day. In fact, it is always raining at the base of clouds. It’s a phenomenon called virga—rain that never reaches the ground.

    The combination of rain and sun created a rainbow for us—not the kind you see on the ground, but a ring that encircled us 360° horizontally. It continued to encircle us for as long as we remained near the cloud base.

    While this is not one of my current rainbow moments, it was probably the the most wonderful one actually involving a rainbow.

  2. Deb, I love this! Rainbow moments…too many to list. But some of the best are watching my peonies slowly unfold, seeing a hummingbird or a flock of finches bathing in my fountain, painting with my sons, listening to some great music and sharing a glass of wine with my sweetie on the patio as the day fades away.


  3. I hate that I keep forgetting this, and I love that you reminded me today. More rainbow moments, less chasing my own tail about stuff I have no control over.


    Thank you.

  4. Savoring an aged single malt with old friends, talking about things we used to do and things yet done.


  5. Now that it’s getting warmer, pulling out the motorcycle and going for a ride with my husband is my rainbow moment. Just the two of us going down the highway with very little between us and the rest of the world… *sigh* Now I want to go for a ride, but it’s raining.

  6. The other day I was walking through a Kits neighbourhood on my way to meet a friend. A woman coming toward me on the sidewalk in a motorized wheelchair commented on the weather, what a nice spring day it was. “I just saw some buttercups”, she said, “at least they looked like buttercups, but I think they’re too small. Do you want to see?” and she reversed her wheelchair and led me to the garden where small yellow flowers poked through the ground. We discussed their possible buttercupness, although the conversation was really about two people meeting on the street enjoying the sun and nature and being alive. I left her feeling bouyed, blessed to have time and inclination and the great good fortune to have had such an encounter. I’d say that’s a rainbow moment.

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