My Ruby Slippers are VFFs

I swear I was going to wear grown-up shoes to work on Wednesday. But when I put them on I realized I had a rather uncomfortable blister on my left heel. Since I have a race on Saturday, I really had to baby it so I ended up wearing my bright green and blue flip-flops to work. *grins*

I love shoes. I’m not on the Imelda Marcos level just yet, but I do own a lot of shoes. Shoes for running, shoes for dressing up, shoes for walking out into the backyard (though I’ll be honest I do that barefoot a lot because as much as I love shoes I prefer being barefoot).

I’d actually intended to write about something a little cooler, but as I mentioned I’ve got a race coming up and huge party after so you guys get a blog about shoes.

Normally I buy my shoes at thrift stores or places like DSW because paying full-price for shoes is silly. These flip-flops, ironically enough, I bought in a hotel gift shop so I paid a ridiculous amount of money for them. However, they’ve lasted through more than six summers of wear so I figured my cost-per-wear is pretty low on these.

I recently had to part with a pair of the cutest shoes I’ve ever owned. Platform Mary Janes with a bow-adorned skull on the toes. They were a gift from a friend and I loved them, but my recent running adventures have shifted my feet and they became too painful to wear (contrary to popular belief I will not suffer for fashion) so I had to make the difficult choice to pass them on or have them sulk in my closet.

I’ve got tiny feet compared to most of my friends. *laughs* So it’s not as easy giving shoes away as you might think. I passed the shoes onto a friend though who’s going to pass them on to a friend of her daughter’s. Hopefully they’ll have a good home.

In the meantime, I’m glorying in the fact that it’s summertime which means it’s sandal time! And struggling (still) with my changing feet. My barefoot shoes (Vibram Flows) that I wore all last season for mud racing are causing me discomfort and now I’m not sure I’ll be able to wear them for the race. I’m going to make one last attempt to run in them and see how they do and if they still won’t work I’m going to have a last-minute decision to make about which shoes to wear. Gah!

But for right now I’m happily flip-flopping it around my office. *grins* Trying to give my toes a chance to recover from yesterday’s punishment and that blister on my heel a chance to dry up and go away before the weekend. And on Sunday I just might treat myself to a new pair of sandals to celebrate finishing the Spartan Sprint on Saturday!



6 responses to “My Ruby Slippers are VFFs

  1. K.B., I appreciate your post on shoes because I love them too. I unfortunately have big feet and living in Asia is not conducive to my shoe obsession. I haven’t been back to the US in over 18 months. So, I thought it was perfectly reasonable that on my recent vacation to Australia (a place that embraces big feet people)I purchased 6 pairs of black shoes.

  2. Totally agree. Love Savers for shoes… Some of my best finds, real croc mocs, Coach patent loafers… The list goes on.

  3. thiskindnepenthe

    I love shoes, but I hate trying to find shoes in summer. I have a wide foot and high arch, so most anything that is strappy or sandal-y just won’t fit me. Lately, I’ve been living in my Chucks. So comfy.

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