Super Hero Week

This week has been Super Hero week in our house. With the release of The Avengers, which both hubby and I wanted to see, we of course had to watch the movie lead-ups to it we had missed.

My personal favorite was Iron Man and Iron Man 2, probably because of Robert Downy Jr. and no other reason. I love the smart-ass personality he plays so well and that reminds me of a couple of my brothers who are the king of smartass. Sorry guys! *grin*

The Hulk was my least favorite, and I think I gave up on all the super heroes after that one was released because I just didn’t care for it. Hubby, though, insisted we watch the other two, Captain America and Thor, before seeing the new release.

I must say I quite enjoyed them—or maybe I’m just completely in love with our new subscription to Netflix. Either way, it’s been a fun week and a nice break from the norm of evening television.

As for The Avengers, even though 2.5 hours in theater seats is rather uncomfortable on my poor back, the three of us (hubby, daughter and myself) all really enjoyed it. There’s some good comedy, lots of action and exploding things that makes the hubby happy, and I think the teenager just liked all the hot guys. Actually, part way through, I found myself thinking that the super heroes are getting old. Iron Man has a little gray at his temples, and Bruce Banner did too. I don’t mind that at all; it was nice having heroes my age! They’re still sexy as hell. (Don’t tell hubby I said that.) *grin*

I was happy that we watched all the movie lead-ins so that I had the back stories to go with everything that happened. Even though my daughter had only seen Iron Man, she said she didn’t feel like she missed anything by not having seen the others.

Next week we look forward to seeing Dark Shadows. The kiddo demands to go see that one because she’s completely and totally in love with Johnny Depp.

Anna Leigh


2 responses to “Super Hero Week

  1. I loved it, too. I loved the dialogue so much that I wrote a post about the great lines in the movies. I typically do watch the other movies in a series days before seeing the new one, but I didn’t get a chance this time. Besides, I have seen Iron Man 1 and 2 so many times. Two of my favorite movies. I was clear on that story line. I agree with you on the Hulk and I never saw Captain America, but really wish I had. I just might plan a weekend and watch them all and The Avengers again. Cute guys and stuff that blows up. I can see that a few times.

  2. Anna Leigh Keaton

    My favorite line from The Avengers was… “Puny god.”

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