May 24 Includes a Trip to the Dump

The May Two-Four weekend in Canada is a bit of a misnomer. It actually falls on the Monday preceding May 25th and represents a statutory holiday—a long weekend to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Informally, it’s also considered the beginning of summer in Canada, and if you’re a gardener, it’s a safe bet the frost season is over, so garden centers are booming.

Over the past few years, I’ve traveled up north of the city to cottage country. It’s the weekend most people open up their cottages. That entails putting in the dock, motors on boats, and clean up for the upcoming season. Aside from the flying ants, mosquitoes, and black flies, it’s great to get away from the city even for a few days. The lake is pristine and nature is vast. The fresh air away from the concrete jungle of the city is a drug for me, and I sleep better. A new favorite activity of mine is to kayak.

One of the more peculiar rituals of getting out of the city is not having garbage pick-up. Instead, cottagers store their garbage and go to a dump when they have to. It’s not a dreaded event either; it’s actually quite fun. I’ve seen retail stores less organized. I even showered and dressed up for the occasion! I jest, but going to the dump is part of the experience away from the city, just like seeing moose, bears and road kill.

May you enjoy all the unique wonders of your upcoming summer season,



19 responses to “May 24 Includes a Trip to the Dump

  1. raymondbolton

    “flying ants, mosquitoes, and black flies”

    You’ve really got your marketing skills down. 😉

  2. Ok that pic looks similar to where I was this past weekend..I went up to Bala…Where were you?

  3. We had a defunct dump in the woods in the town where I grew up (trash, not garbage). Even more fun than going to the dump to drop stuff off is poking through all the old oddities you can find. At least at ten years old it’s exciting.

    • Hi David, I’m not poking through ANY garbage. I know some people make a living at it, but I definitely don’t subscribe to that. Thanks for your comment 😉

  4. My parents went to the dump near their place when they were living up north too. Cottage country’s a gorgeous area in Ontario, and it is affordable… if you don’t care about lakefront property.

    The mosquitoes are one thing; they at least leave you alone if you’re using repellent. The blackflies are a pain! Of course, they’ll be finished off in a few days.

    • Cottages are becoming like huge homes in some pockets of Ontario — I prefer the rustic places. Mind you, I still need WIFI, so it can’t be TOO rustic 😉

      Yes, I like insects but not a fan of getting bitten and I don’t spray anything toxic on myself, so… bugs do like me.


  5. Thanks Lisa for your comment – flying ants are annoying, but they’re slow and don’t fly too much. Mosquitos are bigger bugs

  6. Well, I would never have believed it! But I’m with you, the effects of crisp, clean fresh air is the drug to beat all drugs for me!

  7. Eden, our little town has a dump too. When we moved here, I was so surprised how organized it was and happy I could continue to recycle. There’s two big dumpster for cardboard and bins for glass, cans and plastics. Our neighbors stand around and chat, and sometimes swap junk – because one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You never know what you’ll find at the dump that can be either refurbished or made entirely into something else . Okay, yes we dumpster dive! LOL
    Have a great time on your vacation – hope you getting some writing in on Spring into Summer!

    • Brenda! I’ve never found treasure in anyone’s trash, but that’s probably because I don’t look hard enough. Imagine hanging out at a dump! Spring into Summer is coming out very soon, appreciate your comment 😉 xox

  8. If they tried that here in the States, there would be garbage dumped in every off road gully around! I’m exaggerating but It wouldn’t be pretty. I envy you “Canadiens” in that you seem to have fewer Ass Hol… Slobs up there. Maybe because you have fewer people–either way you are lucky. I’d gladly trade you a few slobs for flying ants!

    Nice post.

    • Wally, hehe, thanks hon. They have “dump supervisors” and there are specific sections for all kinds of garbage — organized and polite people …it’s a funny place 😉

  9. I’ve never read about a visit to the dump as being exciting but you’ve made me want to go with you and help. Wonderful post, Eden.

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