Happy Mom

Something really cool happened this past week, and I can’t even tell my brat how much it pleased me, because she’s a teenager.

I wrote about reading the Robyn Carr series a little while ago, and I’m on book 16 (of 19) now. A few weeks ago, my daughter asked if she could read one. She has seen me reading them for the past five months and got curious.

She’s pretty picky, specific and eclectic about what she likes to read. She loves Stephen King, and will re-read his books. She reads any Chicken Soup for the Soul book she can get her hands on. She hasn’t ever really been into YA books, except for a trilogy about a girl who sees ghosts. She never liked Harry Potter or the sparkling vampires; she’d rather read an Anne Rice vampire book.

Anyway, we love the same books we listen to on CD when we travel…I pick up Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and one of our favorites is a Michael Crichton. She’s never shown any interest in romance, though. If we listen to one in the car, it has to have some action, suspense, death and/or destruction, for her to enjoy it. (The first short story she wrote in 1st grade was about a happy little bunny that got eaten by a hawk.) She’s a little darker than I am.

So, to my utter joy, she asks to read a romance that I love. So, I gave her book 1 in the series.

She’s always been ahead of her class when it comes to reading. She was a late bloomer, and I feared she had a “problem” when by the middle of 1st grade she couldn’t string a sentence together. See Jane run wasn’t working. Sometime over the summer between 1st and 2nd grade, something happened. She started reading. She wanted books and more books. She jumped into reading 4th and 5th grade level, then got bored in school. By 6th grade she got into my Stephen King books, and there’s been no looking back.

When she started reading Virgin River, it was really fun talking with her about the characters. She got sucked in just as fast as I did.

She is coming up to the end of her freshman year in high school, and she wants to go into Honors English next year. There are 70 kids fighting for 30 slots. She has to do a couple projects.

This was the biggest surprise… One of her projects, she has to make these baseball type cards for a book. The front has pictures of characters, setting, and things in the book, and the back little 75 word blurbs about the person or whatever. She picked Virgin River to do this project on.

It’s great. We now have something to share. I mean, we’ve always been close, but she is a teenager, and they run real hot and cold! I was planning to hand the series over to my mother when I was done, but the kiddo has forbidden that…she needs to read them first.

I’m a happy mom.

Anna Leigh


3 responses to “Happy Mom

  1. Sometimes it’s good to be a parent. In your case, it’s great. Many congrats, Anna Leigh

  2. That is so cool Anna. My love of books comes from my mother and we have been sharing books since I was 13. Now that I think about it, the only books we don’t share are romance novels. I still can’t read a Danielle Steel book.

  3. You maybe one of the luckiest parents on this earth. It sounds like you have not only a good relationship with your daughter but a friendship and something in common to boot. No easy task when dealing with a teenager.!


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