Summer Swing

It’s the last day of May. We’ve been sliding headlong into summer for a few weeks now, but the weather is more serious about it. One of the results of this lovely temp-change is that I’m forced to adjust my workout schedule.

I’m not a fan of change. πŸ˜› When it’s my idea – sure! – but when it’s forced on me I tend to dig my heels in and resist. I think I’m getting a little better with it and the reality is, that as summer wears on, trying to run when I come home from work at two in the afternoon just isn’t a wise idea. So something’s gotta shift.

Physically I’m pretty flexible. Mentally, not so much. *grins* I don’t like surprises, I’m not a fan of new routes or impromptu detours. Tricky when I have a husband who loves those things. Funny thing is when I travelled to London the year I graduated from college, I spent most of my time there just getting off the Underground and walking down a random street. Apparently if I’m the one deciding on the adventure it’s all good. *winks*

Humans tend to be creatures of habit – good or bad – we settle into patterns and just let go. Short term it’s not a bad thing, sometimes it can help us through chaotic life changes or tragedies. But running on auto-pilot for the long term is a recipe for stagnation.


I love summer. I run on sunshine. These longer days with the sun lasting well into the evening makes me happy. It gives me more time to train, more time to enjoy good company. We just bought a grill this year, so we’re planning on enjoying the backyard a lot this summer.

Racing season is in full swing. *laughs* I call it “racing season” even though I’m not serious about the competition portion of the mud racing sport. I run for the fun and because it keeps me motivated to stay in shape. It’s 12 days until Tough Mudder, then I have it “easy” for most of the rest of the year with much shorter races. I’ll get to focus on revamping my training and prepping for a trip to Phoenix to participate in what will be my first out-of-state Tough Mudder. At the moment I’m kind of ambivalent about keeping up with this. The racing season in Colorado is short and I’d really have to start branching out into other states (which means more traveling) if I want to do more races. *shrugs* It might happen though, I’ve got my eye on a possible Spartan Trifecta next year if I decide to accept the challenge. Along with several other races in the back of my head. And as the sport gets more and more popular I’m sure there will be more races available.

One thing’s for sure – mud racing isn’t going away any time soon.

What are your favorite things about summer?



8 responses to “Summer Swing

  1. Warm sunny days, warm summer nights, walking on the beach, drinks at the sidewalk cafes, longer days, piΓ±a coladas, and just hanging out with Belva.


  2. My fave season, love everything about it, heat, humidity, sweat – bring it on.

  3. Long days, cool evenings in the garden, swimming, grilling, sleeping in an extra hour, heirloom tomatoes, fresh produce, the farmer’s market, museum trips and beach time!! Yep, I’m ready.


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