Wild and Wacky Weather

Despite the fact that it’s only the beginning of June, the weather lately is more akin to what it should be during July or August. Very hot, very humid days that just sap all strength and thought out of you.

I’m one of those people who loves the warm – I’m not happy if the temperature dips below seventy – but this spate of above average temperatures and mugginess has even me wilting. And I’m somebody who didn’t mind visiting Las Vegas in the middle of August. The couple of days where it was 100+ degrees and humid were horrendous, but those are apparently quite rare in Vegas. Which is a very, very good thing because if it were 100+ and humid all the time I think people would start drowning on the air. Okay, that last might be a bit of hyperbole, but I will say that it made breathing extremely difficult.

The one good thing about the hot, humid weather is the thunderstorms that follow when the temperature finally drops. On Tuesday, we had a *massive* storm. Some of the bursts of thunder were so loud they were literally deafening if you were outside. And the lightning strikes were so huge they lit up the sky like it was daylight. There’s nothing quite like sitting out on the porch with a cold glass of iced tea and watching the raw power of Mother Nature whip through the yard.

Of course, with the increased chances of thunderstorms comes the increased chance for tornadoes. Today is the one year anniversary of a tornado which tore through several local towns and killed four people, one of them a good friend of my sister. Massachusetts isn’t known for its tornado activity – the entire state gets less than a handful of them each year – so last year’s tornado was a very rude awakening for all of us. We get tornado warnings several times a year, but everybody disregards them because nothing ever materializes from them. At least until last year.*

It’s actually amazing that more people didn’t die considering how woefully unprepared we all were. I think that’s all changed going by how people reacted to the tornado warning which was posted the other night. People were talking about it on Facebook and Twitter and making sure that friends and relatives in the area were prepared. The meteorologists are saying that the way the climate is changing, we should expect more tornadoes in this area, so I hope this level of awareness only increases.

Ana Ramsey

*Interesting point of fact: Before last year, the last time a tornado hit the Springfield area was in 1972. Also, before last year, the last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup was 1972. *Cue Twilight Zone music*


One response to “Wild and Wacky Weather

  1. It’s funny how we fear the unknown. I live in California, and am always surprised by how terrified out-of-staters can be of earthquakes. I don’t love them, but they’re much less scary to me than a tornado or a hurricane!


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