It’s A Boy!

Instead of a blog this week, with me boring you with my knowledge or some story from my past—I’d like to take this time to share with you something wonderful. I have a new grandson! My son Duffy (Arthur Wallace Lane III) and his lovely wife Catherine have presented the Lane clan its newest member. Andrew Wallace Lane, 8.5 pounds of bouncing baby boy. He will soon be joining his brothers Dylan, Austin and Clayton Thomas in terrorizing the neighborhood as all good boys do.

Andrew Wallace is the eighth grandson, Belva and I have been blessed with, so, join us in wishing him, a long, good and healthy life, filled with fun and adventure. Raise a glass to Andrew Wallace Lane, “May the world be the pearl in your oyster. Slàinte! ”

Little Boys
by AW “Wally” Lane

A baby boy is born
A tiny thing
All pink and helpless
In the beginning
Doing little more
Than eating and sleeping.

But then he grows
Begins to cry and shout
For all the world to here
“Come and look at me!”
And then he crawls
Begins to walk
And things are no longer
The same
The metamorphosis
Is complete

Yesterday’s baby
In the crib
Has become a little boy
With droopy pants
And untucked shirt
Shoes that are forever
A face and hands
Somehow always smudged
With dirt
No matter how much
Soap and water are applied

A runny nose and
Mussed up hair
He seems to take with him

His pockets filled with
“Who knows what”
An odd piece of string
Assorted bottle caps
Various rocks and
A jackknife that’s rusted
Lizards, snakes and
Angle worms and spiders
Almost any kind of bug
That wriggles, creeps or
Kept in bottles or jars
Sacks or boxes
Or perhaps
A handy pocket
Many times completely
Until someone does
The washing

He’s rough and tumble
Hard on his clothes
Not to mention
Knees and elbows
Struggling to be braver
Than he really is
Especially late at night
Or in dark places
When other guys
Are around
But no matter what
Right or wrong
Good boy or bad
One look will
Melt your heart

He’s half imp
Half angel
One hundred percent
Your son forever
And thank God
Every day for that.



5 responses to “It’s A Boy!

  1. raymondbolton

    Eight? You and Belva have been truly blessed. Where do you suppose they got the middle name? 😉 My sincerest congratulations, sir.

  2. Slàinte! Wally! That is wonderful and such a beautiful poem – I absolutely loved it.
    The picture of what must be another grandson touching Andrew with his little fingers is delightful! 8 boys…wow…

    Big hugs, Wally!

  3. Congratulations, Wally!!! He’s adorable as is your other grandchild in that picture. I love the poem as well, it’s so very true.

  4. Wally, no granddaughters? He’s adorable and you’re so lucky to have them all.


  5. I should have introduced all eight grandsons, and the one grand daughter, Crystal. She’s the oldest 26 and doesn’t let the boys forget it. Clayton 25, Kelly 23, Gilbert 20, Griffen 15, Dylan 13, Austin 11, Clayton Thomas 4, Andrew Wallace 1 week. Oh, and there’s a great Grandson in the “oven” still a baking.


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