Victorian Tea

On Saturday, a dear friend’s coven hosted their annual Victorian Tea. The coven members all dressed up in traditional Victorian garb (handmade by one of the members) and served food reminiscent of, but not strictly Victorian fare. (homemade by the members as well).

My best friend, Lisa, and I made the trip out to their covenstead which is situated on an enormous tract of land in what’s pretty much the middle of nowhere on the side of a mountain. Upon arrival, guests were encouraged to mingle and chat with one another under a giant tent set up on one of the only clear areas large enough to hold the tent. The rest of the space is taken up by gardens and flower beds. A large pitcher of citrus rose water stood by to refresh any parched throats.

This year’s victuals included a simple yet stunning summer salad concocted by the High Priestess’s daughter, a choice of several cold summery soups – I chose the gazpacho picante which was OhMyGodYummy! – and several different sandwich choices (with the crusts cut off). To top off the meal, guests were invited to choose between lemon parfait or a vanilla cake with a rum cherry icing. Everyone at my table chose the lemon parfait except for Lisa who chose the cake.

Once people had finished eating it was time for the real fun of the day to start – the psychic readings. Guests could choose between either having their Tarot cards read or a tea leaf reading. I chose the tea leaf reading just to be a bit different since I usually choose the Tarot. Lisa, as she always does chose Tarot because she doesn’t know how to read tea leaves and she “likes to read over the reader’s shoulder”.

I told her that reading tea leaves is easy, you just point to a large blob and shout “It’s the Grimm!” Everybody there broke out laughing at that.

Unfortunately, just as the readings were about to start, a massive thunderstorm broke out with thunder, lightning, and torrential rains. We all tried to tough it out as long as we could, but as the storm moved closer, it was decided that it was just too dangerous to remain outside under metal structures with lightning striking so close.

For those of us who left that day without a reading, there will be a make-up sitting at some point in the next few weeks. A real hardship, I know, having to go through that genteel civility and delicious food once again.


5 responses to “Victorian Tea

  1. Ana, sounds like you had so much fun despite the storms, or maybe that was just the perfect way to end it … for now.

  2. How fun! And I’m going to shout “The Grimm!” during my next tea leaf reading, for sure. 🙂


  3. Reading about this made me wish I was there and your descriptions made me hungry! Sorry the storm spoiled some of the fun, but you had me at “dressed up in traditional Victorian garb!”

  4. What a delight! (We need to have more opportunities to dress up).

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