Less is More

If you’ve seen our welcome page, you know the writers of Black Ink, White Paper are committed to living life well. We believe it is key to good writing and good blogging. 

Our readership and our membership continue to grow, but so do many of our outside obligations. So, in respect to our commitments – to you, our work and ourselves – we are hereby switching to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday format. You’ll still find plenty of great new content here every week, with regular monthly posts from your favorite contributors, and we’ll have space to host more guest bloggers and special events as the months progress. 

We appreciate your readership and your contributions/comments, and hope you’ll enjoy our new format as we move forward with renewed purpose and respectful nods to the idea of quality over quantity and the ever elusive state of work/life balance.

Being here, doing this, wouldn’t count for much if it weren’t for you, our followers and readers. So here’s a heartfelt thanks to all of you, from all of us. We promise we’ll be showing you and the blog more love, not less!


 Photo by Dominique Niccoli Messchaert, used with permission.


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