Pin me to Pinterest—For Now

I opened an account with Pinterest—a site that advertises itself as an online pinboard that helps organize and share things I love.

Do I like it? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. As with most social networks, there’s a balance between whether it’s helpful or just a time waster. In the back of my mind, I think it might increase exposure for my writing and books, but I don’t know just yet, as I’ve been on it for less than a month.

As music inspires me to write, beautiful pictures also inspire me, and that was the initial draw to Pinterest. It’s akin to flipping through a stack of magazines I enjoy – only I don’t have to pay a subscription.

So far, I have twelve boards, ranging from my favorite poisons to New York scenes to art I love. You need to request an invitation to join, which I thought was a strange formality, though it didn’t take long to get signed up after being accepted.

As I don’t really enjoy writing about myself, I find “telling” my story through pictures easier. Perhaps you might too.

Here’s my link if  you’re interested to see my boards.

So…are you on Pinterest and do you find it helpful?



29 responses to “Pin me to Pinterest—For Now

  1. I joined last week. I have gained inspiration from several images. I find it quite soothing when the editing gets tough. I grab a coffee and browse for half hour. So far it has helped me get back into the swing of jotting notes for next novel. I found you over there. 😀

    • Hi Glynis, I’ll connect to you there too. I do like the images and how it can wake up my brain in a different way than just by reading. Time will tell how helpful it is.

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  3. I’ve wondered what Pinterest was all about. After reading this post I decided, “What the heck! I’ll give it a try.”

  4. Casey Sheridan

    I joined about two weeks ago (or was it three weeks ago?). I’m not sure I like it. But then, I wasn’t sure I’d like Twitter when I first signed up, and I’m STILL not sure I like that! LOL!

    I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with Facebook and Twitter. I’m afraid with another social network I might end up spreading myself too thin.

  5. Welcome to Pinterest. You will love it. I’ve been on for a while and just adore the place. So much to get inspired from.

  6. I am on Pinterest too. I don’t know that I find it all that helpful, but I do love it for wasting time. Mostly for me, It is just a different and more creative way to avoid doing whatever I’m supposed to be doing. Fun, but pretty much meaningless.

    • Hahaha, Lisa, you’re hilarious! Yes, I can see it being a complete time-waster, but perhaps in one of those moments, there might be some inspiration drawn as well — sure hope so anyway. Thanks for visiting me here.

  7. I’m on Pinterest and have been for quite a while now. I don’t use it for story inspiration though because my brain doesn’t work that way, I use it mostly for recipes and home ideas and beauty tips.

  8. Hi eden, I was recently invited to join Pinterest. Still estimating its value for me, but I did ‘pin’ our anthology “Stories from a Holiday Heart” there. I’m now a member of your network there, too. Wishing you great success with “spring into summer” and in every one of your ventures!

  9. I’ve been there for a while–mostly forget about it and don’t use it (which is probably just as well, considering its time wasting potential), but I do find it useful as a way to have a pictorial storyboard for my novels. I went and followed you 🙂

  10. I’m on and I LOVE it! 😀 Use it for storyboards, house ideas, all sorts of great food (I’ve made so many recipes found there that are just awesome), hairstyles, and silly things.

    It’s a lot of fun, but yeah, like all great things on the ‘Net you’ve got to use it judiciously or it’ll suck your time away faster than a Dementor. ;D

  11. raymondbolton

    You like Dalwhinnie, Laphroaig 10 and the Balvenie? You is a girl after my heart! Truly, truly truly!

  12. I’m on there… thus far I’ve just pinned movies I like, some books. It’s got the potential to be a bit of a time drain.

    • Absolutely William, it can be a time drain. You will find out over time if you like it. I’ve set up my boards and will just add book stuff to it for now.

  13. I might give it a try. The hard part for me is I like to write and anything that gets in my way is something I must think long and hard about. It’s hard enough for me to keep up with emails and the bl0gs I love to read. I’ll be sure and check you out, sweet one. MAybe it’s just that I’m not that visual. I like pictures in words.

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