Summer’s almost over

So we thought we might celebrate the movies and books that are our summer favorites. It’s not easy to pick one of each but here goes.

Kate: The books (I count them as only one, although there are six of them) I read every summer are Jane Austen’s. I read them in a very precise order – from the ones I like the least (Northanger Abbey and Emma) to the ones I absolutely love, always ending up with Persuasion – one of my favorite books of all times.

As for movies – summer is a time for blockbusters and I’ve noticed that the blockbuster I often watch in the summer is Independence Day. Gee, I wonder why? But I love Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch, they’re smart and they’ve got that great father/son vibe going.

Lisa: I read a number of great books this summer, but my absolute favorite was Lauren Groff’s Arcadia. I stumbled across it on a list of editors’ top picks from small presses and the reviewer’s comment that “Groff’s sentences are so beautiful they make you want to weep” had me rushing to the bookstore. One page in, and I was hooked. Reading Arcadia is like falling into a dream; it’s mesmerizing and subtle and so, so evocative. The only thing I would change about Arcadia is the time of year I read it. It’s the perfect rainy Sunday with a blanket and a pot of tea kind of book.

Between our getaways and my son’s adventurees in summertime musical theater, we didn’t hit the theater very often, but the movies we saw were great. The Avengers was pre-Memorial Day but it kicked off the blockbuster season with…dare I say…a vengeance? The Amazing Spiderman was so much better than I expected it to be; I absolutely loved it. And ParaNorman might be the coolest animated film I’ve seen since Monster House. Trippy, strange, funny and heartwarming, with some seriously cool artistic touches.

What about you?

Kate and Lisa


2 responses to “Summer’s almost over

  1. I don’t have a real summer reading routine, but this year I was delighted by the Douglas/Child thriller, Thunderhead, for reasons I mentioned in my August 20 post. My wife, Toni, and I are so impressed we have begun poring over the rest of the the duo’s works.

    And while I avoid movie theaters most of the time, last month I saw Prometheus 3-D. I loved Alien 1 & 2 and ever since, have been waiting for another in the series to live up to the initial two. Prometheus almost made the cut—not great, but not bad, either and certainly better than 3 & 4. Best of all, it avoided the corny zooms most 3D movies consider de rigueur, instead using the added dimension to impart greater realism.

  2. Dark Knight Rises was pretty much the summer epic movie for me. Fitting end to a really awesome trilogy.

    I haven’t read much this summer, but I did just finish a new book by Lilith Saintcrow that I can’t stop raving about. I love her work anyway, but this new series combines an alt-history London, steampunk, magic, and mystery. It’s called The Iron Wyrm Affair and I recommend checking it out!


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