Falling In

Image © Jar O’Marbles, used with permission.

A few nights ago, I dreamed I was eating a honeycrisp apple. It was perfectly ripe and tasted of early fall, the only time we can get them around here. When I woke, I realized it was nearing seven and the world was still twilight gray.

Ah, I thought, here comes fall.

It’s been a wonderful summer, full of good work and great adventures, but I can suddenly feel autumn’s inexorable pull.

My sons went back to school last week. Maybe it’s an ingrained association rooted in my childhood years, when school began after Labor Day, or maybe it’s the result of a ten-day triple digit heat wave that left me (and my garden) feeling wilted and suddenly ready to bid summer a fond farewell.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love everything about it: the new beginnings, the return to routine, the colors, the tastes and smells, the harvest celebrations at the beginning, Halloween and Thanksgiving at the end. Cozy sweaters and crunchy leaves and cinnamon sprinkled on almost everything.

But what I’ve really come to love – and to anticipate even more than pumpkin bread and those honeycrisp apples – is the return of my dedicated writing hours. I’m so lucky to have them and believe me, I make good use of them. I guard them like a tiger protecting her young, hoard them like Golem and his precious ring.

I’m in a holding pattern at the moment, since I just finished an intense writing/editing marathon. I’m catching up on life, spending time with my family and friends, and giving my brain a much needed breather. But my hiatus ends on September 4, and I will begin whatever comes next (I still have a few days left to decide!), jumping into it with the joyful abandon of a kid cut loose in a pile of leaves.

Are you ready for fall, or still savoring summer? Anything wonderful planned for the new month just ahead?


12 responses to “Falling In

  1. I was ready for fall a month ago. 😀 We just went apple picking this weekend and I made a batch of crockpot apple butter that turned out wonderfully! We have piles of bright apples everywhere and pumpkins on the coffee table. School started last week for us and the nighttime temps are dropping into the 50s.

    September’s got birthdays – the major annual bash on the first for my father, plus the twins and then my stepson’s. Halloween prep, a concert, movies (Karl Urban as Judge Dredd! And a movie called Solomon Kane I’m interested in seeing.), and squeezing the last few days out of the grill.

  2. No matter that I’ve been out of school for more than two decades, September is always the start of the year for me. I have this overwhelming desire to buy new pens and notebooks. 🙂

  3. Autumn has always been my favorite season: the respite from Summer’s heat, the turning of the leaves and a time of harvest. Good time to travel, too!

    • We don’t get much of a leaf turn around here, usually. September/October are often quite hot, so we get brown dried leaves tumbling off the trees. But they still make a satisfying crunch when you jump in them. 🙂


  4. I’m with Lisa and Lisa – the year ALWAYS starts for me in September. But it’s come too soon this year, Vancouver’s had terrible weather and the three or four weeks of real summer (meaning the evenings are warm as well as the days) weren’t quite enough.

    But fall is definitely on the way, mornings and evenings are cool, and I’m preparing for September in all kinds of ways. I’ve got two projects I have to finish before then – one short, one a little longer – and then I’m full on into a race to finish a first draft by the end of September. I have to write the first draft so I can write a synopsis – since I never know what’s going to happen otherwise.


  5. I am hanging on to summer for dear life. Still 3 more weeks to go, officially!

  6. That’s true! Hang tight, eden.

  7. I’m sort of in the middle of savoring the last few weeks of summer and looking forward to fall. It’s been a little too hot and muggy around here, so cooler dryer days would be a blessing, but it also means that bitter cold and snow are not far behind.

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